Friday, October 18, 2013

Was not a Hell-Week After All

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As scholars of Pasig City Science High School, we usually experience a long-cramming week every before each periodical examination week. That long-cramming week is what we called as our very own "Hell Week" of the "Bangag Days".

During this week, our brain cells are exercised in the most extent way a brain could be exercised. We also called this week as our "Sleepness Nights" because we stay up late to finish our project which is always due the next day.

Yes, our teachers have given or said about a certain project months before the deadline. Since were also students and the word "Procastinate" was very well known to our vocabularies, we've grown large eyebags now for staying up late and finishing our projects.

Anyway, that was just a part of our "Hell Week". Also, during this week we usually take those last test or the Chapter test. It's not that a big deal, it's just another test right? Yes, but we normally have 11 subjects and in a frequent-possibility atmost of 8 subjects have to be taken in a single day.

We have already mastered this "Hell Week" and have come prepared for its quarterly occurence. And for this upcoming second periodical exam, we expect a visit of this "Hell Week" which lies before it.

And it's quite different from what we've expected. Because instead of a hell one, we have given a wonderful week.

I like to call this one as our very own "Sci-Lympics-and-a-Teacher's day-week".

We've celebrated a Sci-Lympics competition in the begining of the week, Monday.

The Sci-Lympics competition which is proposed by the science department, is more like an Amazing Race. The whole school was divided in 10 groups of people and was assigned in to 10 different colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Black, Violet, Neon Green and my team, Pink Team.

Stations have set all around school. Each of this stations have a certain challenge prepared for the teams and they must complete the task for them to move on to the next station. Now, this is a race and whoever may finish all 10 stations will have additional points.

Our whole school was excited and in amaze, especially my batchmates who will be graduating in a few months. This will be a wonderful memory for us.

The start of this week was great and on friday we also have celebrated the Teacher's Day in the morning and a post celebration of the Science Month. The SSG conducted a program which they called Sci-Lympics Version 2.0

We've greeted and put up a video in each of our teachers and was shown in our gym which serves as our auditorium. Unfortunately, I have not taken a picture of it.

In the afternoon I can probably say, it was one of the best days we have. The Sci-Lympics Version 2.0 is likely the former but this time we are divided into 4 teams; Grenade (Freshmens), Yellowet (Sophomores), Red Tube (Juniors) and my very own proud team- BLUE JOBS! (Seniors).

We've played games, chant our yell and laugh so much. Our batch was united and we had a lot of fun.

This week was a blast and was never a hell week for us. And we hope that our school will more likely to come up with more events like this. We'll never forget this.

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  1. What a catchy title and well written article. Students can really relate to this.


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