Thursday, October 17, 2013

Learning in Gaming : My Life As a Gamer and Student

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Computers are important in my daily life. It helps me make my projects, researches, homeworks and studies easier. The features of the 21st Century computers really helped my life. But one feature of the computer can be very addicting especially when improperly used: Gaming.

Last year, my parents bought a laptop for family use. Well, the laptop has a good graphics card and a fast processor. Ever since the laptop was bought, I downloaded many games that are of my liking. Call of Duty: MW3, Battlefield 3, Counter-Strike – anything that involves shooting. I play every Friday night and on holidays. If my mom didn’t stop me from playing, I can play for 5-6 hours.

My life revolved in gaming. This got even worse when I downloaded a game that was being advertised in Facebook: World of Tanks. As the name implies, World of Tanks shows a variety of tanks that existed (in blueprints and in the battlefield) during World War II. Since I live in the Philippines, I play in the SEA server (now Asian Server). Back then it was on beta test. I met people of different nationalities (mostly Singaporean and Australian).

Well, like any other internet game, you need to earn experience to research a tank of your liking. The game features teamwork, cooperation with allies and strategic warfare to earn more experience and unlock tanks faster. I got addicted to this game that even if I turned off the computer, I still think of ways to defeat the enemy team next time I play. I devised tactics that I forgot to keep track of my studies.

When my mom got my card for the 1st Quarter of my 3rd Year in High School, she got mad at me. Well, my grades hit the bedrock and she blamed my excessive gaming (which was true). To remedy the situation, she banned me on playing games until summer (but Christmas is an exception). This helped me cope up on my studies. Luckily, I passed my grades and now I am at my 4th Year in High School.

Gaming can really teach us lessons. From being friendly to other gamers to devising plans that make the mind work. But for students, like me, gaming is not our priority. Always remember that there is a time for everything and for now, this is our time of studying. Studying is a privilege that should be treasured.

Well, we gaming students can play every Fridays for relaxation but don’t be addicted to it. Make my experience a lesson for you. If I limit myself in gaming, I would have gotten a higher grade in my subjects (and played every Fridays). Limit gaming and study hard.

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