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Iglesia ni Cristo Medical Mission : A Show of Force or an Evangelical Exercise?

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"Dear INC Leaders,

Why do you have to hold your "medical mission" on a weekday?

There are weekends and holidays available, but no- you still chose to hold it on a weekday, on a Monday even.

I can't help but think that this stunt you pulled is just a show of force, an attention whore tactic.

Dental missions are good, surgical missions are better - but medical missions? You can dole-out medical freebies any time, any where without disrupting traffic and classes.

Yeah, elections are around the corner- and of course, you need to "flex your political muscles" to show the trapos who can make or break them, but could you do it on a weekend?

I don't hate your religion, I just hate the way your leaders use their flock to gain political clout and political favors.

But hey, I'm just stating my opinion here.

Peace." - Monsignor Arturo

Medical mission? Along main busy roads like Nagtahan? Along Liwasang Bonifacio? How stupid can you get? They have created a monster traffic jam in Metro Manila! Public and private drivers want to kill them in an instant!

One taxi driver says "Common sense lang yun ah?" "W
hy did they do that on a Monday? on a main thoroughfare?" 


Show of force? Whether you are Superman or Captain America, who cares? Maraming miyembro nga ang nahihiya sa mga pangyayari na nakikita nilang buhul buhol na traffic affecting the whole Metro Manila dahil sa kgagawan nila. Kaya palihim na nagkakalasan ng pasimple. Mabuti pa yun marunong mahiya, whew!

Its a politically motivated "medical mission", they wanted to show the politicians the real score about poverty and/or they just want to show that they can deliver the goods to any aspiring politician come 2016. Block voting for real. (As if block voting exists) I am leaning towards the block voting thingy.

Halfway na yung term, panahon na yan ng pagpapapogi, go back to those presidential elections we've witnessed, mud slinging/showing off, always starts at the 3rd year of the term.

The widening gap is also obvious. While some whines about the traffic, some just want to avail of that free medical service. Practice empathy my friends, what is a small discomfort or inconvenience, no matter if its done for a show of power or solidarity? it doesn't matter as long as one or two or a dozen more people will get medical services for free. Aren't you're happy for them? just because you got stuck in traffic?What makes me unhappy is their poor planning or lack of it. Where are the poorest regions in the country? Let them make a dog and pony show there.
 INC always claims that they are the only one who will be saved. But look at how some of its members live their lives. Marami sa kanila ay lasenggo, sinungaling, mapagmataas, matapobre at ipokrito. Nangangaral sila ng Salita ng Diyos pero sila mismo hindi nila ipinamumuhay ang aral sa Biblia. Yan medical mission na yan ay may halong kaipokritahan. Yung nangyari sa Bulacan, hakot system ang ginawa, tapos nilang hakutin ang tao, iniwan sa ere ng hindi naman naserbisyuhan. Napagod na, ginutom pa. Haist....

It's a cult. And that's not my opinion. It's a fact.The term "cult" has been a largely avoided term amongst scholars and sociologists because of its derogatory nature in general. Therefore, your usage of them shows not fact but opinion. (Refer to the Encyclopedia of Religion)

Note that I am not an INC member, nor do I condone any underhanded political ploys in the name of any religious movement.

If I were Manila City Mayor Erap or the President I'd be cowering in shame seeing about a million people fight through stampede to get their hands on a bag of relief goods. It means, basic services aren't reaching the people who needs it the most, and the possibility that the poorest region in the country is Metro Manila no less.

I'm not a member of the INC, but I like the message they sent out earlier. Its like saying "*@%#^ you Gov't leaders and lawmakers, these are the people you are screwing everyday"
I don't care about INC's motive. Just looking at the image of people stampeding JUST to get their hands on a plastic bag with relief goods worth 400 pesos? you think as a Mayor of Manila matutuwa ka doon? di ka ba mahihiya na kababayan mo ganun ka hikahos sa buhay?

Its really a slap on every politician's face. I just hope they're not that "manhid" already. Sana may na-antig ang puso. Lol #wishfulthinking na eto yon, eto ang buhay ng nakakarami. Di na pwede ikubli ng GDP growth and high rise condos and malls.

I doubt if merong mga Tongressman at Senatong ang maantig sa nangyari kanina. Meron siguro isa or dalawa, pero majority pa din ang manhid.

Though, sa atin dito sa Pilipinas, lahat ng bagay na libre pinagaagawan ng lahat, maski mayayaman nakikipagagawan din sa mga bagay na ganya, libre eh. Libreng concert sa mall nagtutulakan para makapunta sa harap, etc... 

There are like 8 million people living below poverty in metro manila alone. That 8 million figure is still a conservative estimate. Hindi lang halata ang poverty sa Metro Manila because our metropolitan cities are masked with high rise condos, malls and streets filled with expensive cars (the traffic whiners lol). We forget that millions of people here in Metro Manila could use a free medical service once in a while. Dog or pony show or not.

"We really apologise for those who were inconvenienced. Maybe they can just pass this off as a minor sacrifice to help their countrymen. We do not mean it as a show of force" - Iglesia ni Cristo spokesman Edwin Zaballa

Zaballa said the gathering was merely an evangelical exercise. But Senator Miriam Santiago, a politician known in the Philippines for speaking against powerful interests, disagreed.

"There is a message behind the INC event today. If you are a politician and you don't get it, you are a fool," Santiago posted on Twitter.

*Source: Facebook whines and rants

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  1. When I read the article, I feel proud for the Iglesia-ni-cristo for having this kind of action. They helped the people that are less fortunate.


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