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Cheong-Kwan-Jang Korean Red Ginseng SM City North EDSA Store Opening

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Korean red ginseng has several documented health benefits which include boosting immunity to fight off viral infections, protective effects and anti-carcinogenic properties against various types of cancer, medicinal cure for impotence and improving sexual function in both men and women, and a lot of other health benefits.

I know that red ginseng is very popular in Korea for being the the most effective ginseng on the market. It is 100% originally grown and is filled with many vitamins and minerals. Korean red ginseng extract is sold in every Korean pharmacy and at many supermarkets as a health remedy and is also available in candies, juices, crackers, tea, and other products.

Cheong-Kwan-Jang is the brand name of Red Ginseng products manufactured by KGC that has become the exquisite brand favored in overseas markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. The name itself means genuine government-packed products manufactured in the government-run factory. It has now opened a store in the Philippines located at the Upper Ground Floor of SM City North EDSA Annex.

Wazzup Pilipinas was fortunate enough to be invited to the grand launch and ribbon-cutting ceremonies of the very first Cheong-Kwan-Jang store in the Philippines. We saw two familiar celebrities, Sam Pinto and Jinri Park, gracing the occasion, and was part of the group who cut the ribbon. 

Jinri Park is a sexy Korean model, RX 93.1 radio disc jockey, product endorser, and an FHM columnist. Eventhough she hails from Korean origin, Jinri spent most of her life here in the Philippines. Sam Pinto, an actress, model and TV personality, is another sexy product endorser but is a pure Filipino. She was already acting when she joined the Pinoy Big Brother house of ABS-CBN of which she became more widely known as one of the housemates putting her career in greater stardom. She is also a favorite as an FHM model just like Jinri Park.

I'm not sure if they are going to be the product endorsers or brand ambassadors of Cheong-Kwan-Jang, but they are sure winners if ever they will represent the brand here in the Philippines. Everyone, especially the men, know these two personalities, and since o
ne of the most widely-known benefits of red ginseng is its boost on the libido, the two sexy FHM babes share the same expertise. Lol!

"Cheong-Kwan-Jang is a globally-recognized brand, representing the world’s # 1 ranking Korean red ginseng by sales volume and brand loyalty. Sold in more than 40 countries including US, Japan, China, England, and Australia, CKJ products are high-end health products developed through vast investment in R&D, advanced agricultural techniques, and strict quality control systems. CKJ Korean red ginseng’s superior quality and efficacies are already well-received worldwide, and Korea Ginseng Corporation is continuously growing its brand through active overseas marketing."

The store interiors are well lit and very neat looking. The product display do not look crowded so you will have an easier time looking for the products that you want to buy. It's not like the other stores where they would crowd the shelves with several products all at once. Simplicity and order seems to be the key to exude peace and serenity. I would enjoy browsing through the displays as they are pleasing to the eye.

Displays of Korean Red Ginseng were at one portion of the store for people to see what they actually look like. Ginseng are slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots as seen from the photos. I didn't know that the plant also has flowers.


You can buy various Korean Red Ginseng products at Cheong-Kwan-Jang. They have root products that are 6-year grown Korean Red Ginseng roots that were highly-cultivated under optimal conditions, steamed an dried, and are of the highest quality roots selected under a strict quality cntrol system.

Their pure Korean Red Ginseng extract has only purified water as an additional component.

Their Korean Red Ginseng tonics, KRG Tonic Mild, KRG Tonic-F and KRG Vital Tonic are mixtures of prime ingredients which includes Korean Red Ginseng extract, ten different herbs, medicinal plants, active vitamins, and some with dietary fiber and vegetable components.

They also have specially manufactured products for children and even babies to keep them growing well and healthy. The Kid Tonic Step 1 product for children aged 3-4 contains 3% premium 6-year grown Korean Red Ginseng extract, Deer Antler Tincture, Angelica Gigas Nakai Root Extract, and vitamins. Kid Tonic Step 2 for children ages 5-7 contains an additional Chlorella Extract powder and  L-carnitine. Kid Tonic Step 3 for children ages 8-10 has Aurobasidium pullulans Cultred Solution powder, Calcium and Violet corrot juice concentrate. Kid Tonic Step 4 for children ages 11 to 13 has E. senticosus, germinated brown rice and other ingredients for supporting immune system and fatigue recovery.

Would you believe they also have Sweet products? The Renesse Candy Su (Sugar-Free and not) aside from the health benefits of the 6-year grown Korean Red Ginseng extract, is a low calorie treat bursting with the classic flavor of Korean Red Ginseng. It is a tasty snack full of refreshing flavor and a delicious treat that can be enjoyed anywhere.

I had the opportunity to try them and these candies are not like the common and ordinary candies out there. My children also appreciate the taste, and the smell or aroma is highly distinctive especially if you are in an enclosed room when you take it. Many will surely wonder what that unique smell was.

The KRG Powder was ground down into a useful powder form aso made from pure Korean Red Ginseng and ideal to be taken 3 times a day for best results.

More photos can be seen below:


I couldn't really discuss all of their products in just one posting but believe me when I say that they are surely worth trying out. Not only do they have well-known health benefits, they are now available to us in many forms and are conveniently accessible thru their SM City North EDSA store.

I will definitely drop by again at their store and try out the other products soon.

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