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Dead Island Epidemic

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Publisher Deep Silver just announced Dead Island: Epidemic, an online multiplayer battle arena. It's supposed to take place in the "Dead Island universe," so it sounds like Deep Silver has big plans for this franchise. Indeed, the publisher urges us to stay tuned for more on Dead Island in general.

"Today we're announcing Dead Island: Epidemic! This latest entry in the Dead Island universe will feature unique gameplay twists on the free-to-play MOBA genre on PC! And zombies. Lots of zombies.

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Awwww. come on! Are you serious? Let's be real here! MOBA fans already have their MOBA of choice.  Be it LoL or DOTA2. Not to mention you guys are seriously trying to enter that market right before Blizzard All Stars come out? I worry that you're going to get trounced. Riptide was great, you guys need to keep polishing that formula for next gen. I love what you guys do, but this change of pace is disconcerting.

Did some jackass potato in your team just said "YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA? A RETARDED-ASS ZOMBIE SPIN OFF MOBA GAME, WE MIGHT GET LOTS'A MONI OUT OF DIS" Seriously, I'm sick of MOBA games swarming the market.

Seems every company needs to release a MOBA, despite the fact they are DOA due to LoL & DOTA2 having the stranglehold on the genre. Sounds like these people are just trying to cash in on what's popular at the moment. Typical trash developers.

Don't waste your time and money making a MOBA, the genre is full of choices and we don't need or want more. Stick to what you attempt to do best, FPS RPG's with Zombies.

Way too early, guys. You just tainted the franchise with the second game. Why not wait until 2015 or something with the next game so that your technology could evolve and you have more time working into the game.
I think you guys are putting these out too close together...why put out a game and then announce another one shortly after? Why not just take the time and make one REALLY solid game instead of 2 mediocre games?

I think they should try to fix the sucky same old same old from riptide before doing another one....soooo glad that valve is doing another Left for Dead game. How about you guys just take your time and make a good game with out bugs. Make a 9/10 game instead of a 6-7/10 one.

The first one was OK but hopefully they don't run this into the ground like Halo, Gears of War, or Assassins Creed. It's horrible to watch great games turn into garbage.

I actually enjoyed both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide but I'm a little concerned about the change of platform's effect on gameplay, but I guess I will have to wait and see. If you think about it perhaps this is what they were really working on during the expansion pack known as Dead Island: Riptide. So perhaps it will be what we all were hoping the sequel was actually going to be. Either way though I feel that I will wait to hear some reviews on it first this time.

As a gamer I dislike F2P with a passion. I have yet to find one that I'd even qualify as decent. I am also older, been gaming longer and have actually developed games before and have been in the industry. Yes wearing my business cap, F2P is big money so I know why they are doing it. But from a consumer perspective I dislike it and find it only takes away from my gaming experience. Pay to win, Time sinkers and the lot all serve to make the game less enjoyable, unless you pay a micro-transaction.

Still stuck on the first and also on the second one. It was full of promise but the game had way too many glitches.... If you die in any game and respawn at a checkpoint, you do not lose the ammo you used between that checkpoint and death while bringing back all the zombies you killed off before that death. The game was sort of horribly made and I wish I could have gotten my money back.

What about console players.... Don't kill off a majority of your customers by going PC only route. It is never good to divide your customer base and alienate persons who have supported this game. So please release it for everyone! 

I enjoy the game and DLC that has been provided. Could it be more? Yes! Could it be expanded? Yes! The offering of more maps, even a "back to Banoi" DLC would be a great addition! In all fairness I felt Riptide ended abruptly and without a solid conclusion for that chapter... which was disappointing. There are lots of positive things to say about the game, story line, and game engine, however it did not feel like this was utilized to its max capacity and failing to do that along with cutting out consoles could be an epic disaster!

Also, is the Multiplayer Endless Zombie Horde Bug be fixed this time? You know the one, where you're playing some some people and then suddenly the screen freezes on you and you hear and endless horde of zombies killing your character over and over, but the only way to stop it is to turn off your console. Yeah that bug was in Dead Island, and still present in Riptide.

F2P immediately means it's going to be terrible. Not once have I found a decent F2P... This is so depressing, did the last Dead Island really do that poorly? I'm a big fan of Deep Silver, but this news makes me a tad worried. I'll give it a shot, but I'm going in expecting the apocalypse (and not in the fun way).

Whoever thought this would be a good idea is an idiot. First of all, the core of Dead Island is a FPS Lootfest. If you could call both glitchy, unpolished games even that. Trying to take that crowd (which still aren't happy about how terrible Riptide was), adding a F2P element into it, and moving it to an entirely different genre is a terrible idea. Enjoy the gratuitous amount of money you are going to lose on this. RIP Dead Island, you could've been a memorable series. Shoulda Coulda Woulda.
Tell whatever marketing oriented business jackass who told you to make this that the MOBA genre is at full capacity. Trying to break into it with a F2P spin-off is a waste of time. Why does every friggin' publisher now need to get out a friggn DOTA-Game? They are lame, boring and useless and are mainly "loved" by griefplayers because the gametype is a griefplay.

MOBA? It stands for Mindless Overrated Buttfucking Asshattery.

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