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Grub!: Go Grab a Grub! and Get Groovy!

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Hah! Groovy may not be a perfect word to describe my dining experience at Grub! (with an exclamation point)....but it has to be said that way so it would be all Gs.

But why not?! Groovy according to Wikipedia is a slang colloquialism popular during the 1960s and 1970s which is roughly synonymous with words such as "cool", "excellent", "fashionable", or "amazing", depending on context.....I'm not saying the man behind Grub! was born during those years but I can say (with conviction) that I enjoyed my stay there.

I wanted to give Grub! a cool tagline but I trust that the man behind Grub! can manage to do that aside from their existing quotations already in place at their restaurant. Like "Eat what you love. Love what you eat", "If you leave here hungry, it's your fault", and the best there is " Open wide, hold on tight, and let your tummy smile!".

They say a tagline can make or break a brand (well, maybe not, but it is cool to be dramatic). Many companies pay great amounts to come up with a catchy one that truly reflects the business image. Taglines are probably the second most noticeable element of a business identity. With just a few words, a tagline must be understandable, summarize the product or service offering, build trust, or incite to buy. I'm sure Grub! would actually get more taglines soon from the feedback of their customers.

But I should stop talking now and enumerate the reasons how Grub! made my tummy smile....So open wide and hold on tight!

1. It really felt cool dining at Grub!
- I must commend on the sandwiches with its soft bun which they call (I had to write it down so I won't forget) " New England style split-top bun" and really tasty ingredients. Grub calls them the "in between bread" and says it's like the Mona Lisa in sandwich form. I especially liked the Pig Candy Melt (shown up above this article) which was composed of crisp bacon, tomato gravy and cheese sauce. Sa tingin pa lang ay masarap na and I promise that your first bite (and last bite) will be heavenly. Ganoon kasarap siya. Promise!

The other sandwiches which were equally cool in names and tasty as well were, The Hot Chicks - spicy chicken pops with hot pepper sauce, Beef of Burden - roast beef (from the US of A) with bell pepper and onion saute, Moo Melt - roast beef (all their beefs are from the US of A) with cheese sauce, Hogs and Kisses - braised pork, bell pepper and onion saute, Mean Balls - meatballs with tomato gravy, The Codfather - firied fish fillet with lemon butter sauce, Hooked! - tuna flakes with island dressing and Bubbaloo - shrimp and egg boil with lemon butter sauce.

What you see above is the Moo Melt sandwich. We were informed that the beef is the only thing that they import to assure that it is soft and tender unlike the beef that can be bought here in our country since our cows are cheaply grass-fed.

Now this one is the Beef of Burden sandwich. As mentioned, its beef came from the US to give you the quality yet affordable beef . I know there are better and more expensive beef available but this one is great value for your money already.

The Hot Chicks sandwich was spicy due to the hot pepper sauce but I loved it that way! It was just right for my taste and I was very tempted to try out another one.

Their sandwiches are available with a price range of only Php 99 to Php 129.

The Wicked Potato Chips are conveniently packed for take out and needed to retain its crispiness. A best seller since they opened up just a few days ago. I'm not so sure if you can order a batch newly cooked but this one will already satisfy you and make you crave for more.

When they served this Iced Tea Tank on our table plus a glass that looks like a jar, I swear I must have laughed out loud inside. Well, the first reaction was that it looked liked the container used to fetch gasoline when you ran out of gas in the middle of the road - exactly the concept that is why it's called a "tank". It serves around 4 people and is excellent in quenching your thirst to put you back on the road in no time all filled up and ready to go.

The Fricken Chicken Wings (is there even a freaking "fricken" word?) was a must try for everyone visiting Grub! You must not miss this one. It may be the most expensive on their menu (Php 169 for 5 pieces) but it's a definite favorite for me. ...and yeah, I might consider marrying it if it could only talk back. Yes! Eat it! Love It! But you Can't Marry it!

Rice and shine for some Beef of Burden with Rice (Php 139). This is an alternative to the sandwiches if you prefer to have the traditional rice instead. Same great flavor like that in the sandwich.

#1 Beef Tapa (and Egg) (Php 179) whose tapa (beef) were already in itsy bitsy pieces for easy consumption and for you to appreciate the taste each bite has to offer. It may not be a unique menu but it definitely raises the level of the traditional "tapsilog". It's your classy quickie street food that my classmates and I usually eat during our college days along the hole-in-the-walls of Intramuros (being a Mapuan). Though the price may be a bit high for students but since they are located inside the ELJ Communications Center of ABS-CBN, I'm sure their price, if not competitive, is just right for the employees and celebrities based there.

The Codfather (Php 139) is also available with rice. The lemon butter sauce is the highlight of this menu since I find the fried fish fillet similar in taste to what we normally cook at home.

The Spags or spaghetti is available in Meatballs and Red or Chicken and Cheese (Php 129). I guess I grew tired of eating spaghetti since I've discovered carbonara and lasagna and other pasta dishes available at other restaurants. But somehow, after tasting their Meatballs and Red, it kinda brought back my love for spaghetti. I need to have more just to be sure though.

As what their menu says, just when you thought salad is boring, here comes Shake-A-Salad available in tuna (Php 79) , shrimp (Php 89) or bacon (Php 79) varieties. It's contained in plastic cups similar to what they used in shakes so you probably know already how to partake of this ingenuity. Not the traditional way to eat salad but kudos to the concept for trying to make it more fun.

They can also serve you foamy Cappuccino coffee (Php 69) after every meal. Their coffee is purely from the Philippines...must be from Batangas. A friend of mine says the best coffee is from Italy but I don't really pay attention to the source as long as it satisfies my taste. Available fresh ground in Americano (Php 49) , Espresso (Php 49) and Latte (Php 69)!

2.The service was excellent. I came in one day to check out their place and I immediately got the attention of one of the lady staff (which happens to be the wife of the brains of Grub - I didn't know that at first). I think she was talking with a customer but she excused herself and took time to greet me. She was extra courteous to ask me if it was my first time there and immediately offered me assistance. When the "main man" came out from the kitchen, he was equally polite and respectful.

Later during our meals he said his first impression of me was "masungit"  - hahaha ... I hope he now knows that his first impression is correct.....I mean ....very wrong - very wrong indeed! I just look so serious at first but when you get to know me you'll never take me seriously again....Wait! I think that didn't came out right! Hahaha!

3. Fashionable is an understatement at Grub! Check out their "rustic" interiors! Whoah! It's the first thing that grabbed my curiosity. The designer is really creative and imaginative. Even the staff shirts were trendy, and they told us they will soon be selling merchandize like shirts that would really blow your mind away! They have a place designed to display their cool stuff already and is just waiting to be filled up soon. I'm sure it will be a great collection and I can't wait to have some since I also keep memorabilia and souvenir items from everywhere I go whether it's a hotel or a resto.

4. I have to say it was amazing to meet like-minded individuals. I must confess that I truly admire people with the taste for the arts.I am a lover of the arts and I like people who appreciate and use artistic designs to accentuate a place or any object. The man behind the concept of Grub has prominently differentiated himself, or Grub!, from the competition. His business has a personality, and so he shows it with pride. 

Well, yeah there are a number of restos out there all trying to catch your attention with their sophisticated and classy ambiance but its not very often that I get to see one that has a variety of delightful dishes as well. Those fancy hotel restaurants, those food strips at the malls, and everything else in between has a few dishes they could be proud of, but majority of their food only looks appealing yet sucks big time. Grub! has amazed me with its exuding personality (yeah....I can feel it oozing outside as I see celebrities passing by and catching them taking a second look towards the resto) as well by its affordable yet tasty treats the whole family will love.

Talk about a lot of cool names for their dishes and they have it there at Grub! I'm sure more will come out from their kitchen soon so I'm excited to hear more fancy names from the man who refused to be given recognition but who generally thought about everything that Grub! is right now and how it will become - actually the entire concept of Grub is his alone (but I believe his loving wife probably had an influence in some of it (as I am with my wife who has been an inspiration in all my works). From the restaurant designs to the splendid food, I can't wait for my next visit at Grub!

You must really take time to visit this place and see how awesome it is. They don't have a Facebook Fan page yet but I'm sure to be the very first one to "Like" it as soon as it gets online!

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