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Benito's Kitchen: Pizza, Pasta, Nachos Plus a Lot More

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It may not be uniquely their own concoction because pizza, pasta and nachos have been around for ages already. I grew up with these choices as among our selected meals during family bonding moments after church, malls, theme parks and other recreational attractions visits.

The three are common dishes that has marked themselves as popular meals for many Filipinos who want to stay away from our usual staple food, or as snack options during hours outside lunch or dinner time.

However, Benito's Kitchen has told us that they are making efforts in giving their dishes more of that "Oomph!" appeal to give their name an extra special recognition.

With a target market belonging to the class A and B neighborhood, the ultimate goal of Benito's Kitchen is to perhaps come up with personalized products worth every peso of their valued customers money.

Benito's Kitchen is located along Katipunan Road in Quezon City just pass the White Plains subdivision if you're coming from the Ortigas area. You won't miss it because they have a large sign with their logo displayed and boasting  "Brick-Oven Baked Mexitalian Goodness".

They've coined the word "Mexitalian" as a combination of the Mexican and Italian dishes that they serve at their restaurant.

What is noticeable from the place is that they have a conveniently place Take-Out counter up front, but customers have the option to wait inside the restaurant as there are seats dedicated for people waiting for their take-out  - or away - orders.

The place also has a partitioned room which you can use for free for your meetings, small seminars, etc ideal for 15 people or less - for just a minimum worth of  around 3k food consumables.

I wasn't able to take a picture of the separate room because there were people currently using it when I visited to attend a mini-seminar entitled "Building, Optimizing and Measuring Profitable Blogs".


The event was hosted by: Get Your Business Online Philippines, Ask Pinoy Bloggers, Xight Interactive and Benito's Kitchen.

The speakers were
Mark Acsay who taught us some basics in "Measuring Your Blog's Sucess to Level Up", Christian Melanie Lee talked about "Branding Your Blog", Mark Madrona shared some "Insider Scoop of Blogging Scene in the Philippines", and Jason Acidre who discussed "Traffic Generation Strategies".

In between the presentation of speakers, some of the best-selling dishes from Benito's Kitchen were served to us in an effort to get some valuable feedback about the food. The management of Benito's Kitchen, among which was Christian Uybengkee who was present that day, really wants to improve the dining experience at their restaurant so every feedback will mean a lot to help them come up with better quality food.

The Nachos Supreme tasted really good but it would have been better if there were more cheese and pork bits on top. After eating the top-most part, you will eventually come to portions where the nachos have less and some with no more toppings. I would recommend a more generous serving so the dining experience will still be flavorful until the last piece of nacho. However, for the very low price of Php 80, I will gladly pay for an additional serving of toppings.

The Buffalo Wings (Php 160) was not part of the served dishes during the mini-seminar. A friend just ordered it while we were waiting for the seminar to start. This dish is 8-pieces of mouthwatering buffalo wings for only Php160.

To rate the chicken wings, I would give it a 4 over 5 since I've tasted similar wings specialties from other restaurants to easily compare. What's great about this one is that it has just the right amount of sweet spices. You won't get weary eating the entire finger-licking dish on its own even without rice.

A friend also ordered this cheesy Carbonara (Php 65) that will surely hit you good in all the right places! It brought out an appetite in me which I thought I lost already for similar pasta meals. My previous pasta-based meals were not really satisfying and this one at Benito's Kitchen made me regain my love for pasta. I'm looking forward to trying this out again. Try this yourselves to taste the big difference. You will surely enjoy and crave for more.

Pizza....hmmmmmmmm.....always a favorite of mine, and this slice of the All-In Super Family Size Pizza for Php 267 has all your favorite pizza toppings. I like every topping except the onions which I would always take out everytime I eat pizza.

I should also mention the Ala Coron pizza (shown up above) which was based form a similar pizza that one of the Benito's Kithen owners encountered in Coron.

What makes Benito's Pizza a level above the rest is that aside from having a thin crust pizza that is brick oven-baked, it also has less pizza sauce on top giving you a more interesting taste brought about by the mixture of toppings.


We were also asked to try some chocolate samplers so Benito's Kitchen would have an idea which among the samplers made an impression to us. I preferred the Mocha flavored chocolate bits since the taste was like that of our favorite coffee. The Cacao chocolate was nothing special as it taste just similar to the other common chocolates out there.

Overall, having the opportunity to gain useful learnings and to dine on great food both at the same time was a completely satisfying experience.

Though I wanted more hands-on and actual application of what the speakers shared to us, the short amount of time was really not enough to provide a more comprehensive discussion.

The other confusing thing is that I've attended a lot of other similarly themed seminars and the teachings shared seem to have a few conflicts or contradiction with each other.

I guess noone could fully be able to share a more industry-wide accepted strategy since everyone seem to have their own unique path to success. The strategies vary from one speaker to another.

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  1. Thanks Ross. I never thought you had the "thing"-in -writing or blogging food. Nice findings and well explained thought. Back to TPC magazine again? Issue 4 perhaps..LoL.

    - Christian

    1. Hehehe...missing TPC and its mag!

      Anyway, maybe we could collaborate and help each other out? I really need a financier? hehehe :)

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