Thursday, August 29, 2013

Janet Lim Napoles Surrenders

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The government offered a Php10 million reward for information that will lead to the arrest of Janet Lim-Napoles. Napoles is wanted on charges of serious illegal detention arising from the alleged kidnapping of Benhur Luy. But the real issue is her participation in the billion of pesos PDAF scam.

But after just a few days, we now hear of news that Napoles has surrendered to no less than the President of the Philippines. The President immediately turned her over to the custody of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas and Philippine National Police Director-General Alan Purisima for processing and booking.

Napoles was shielded immediately . No Media, No Mugshot. Senate and Congress have instructions to keep the comfort rooms clean, as they expect massive usage...hahaha.

Is this an indication that the corruption may really be that hugely associated or linked with big people under the Executive that Napoles had to go to the top?


She is now in custody at Camp Crame enjoying facilities with all the amenities fit for a top-ranking government official and not a rotten jail cell where many people believe she should be detained.

Are we supposed to jump up and down? She will be back in the streets within 24 hours or less due to .... lack of aircon in her cell, the bed is too hard, she has high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, LBM, the food sucks, the jail is too loud, etc. Her lawyers will also argue that she is being detained in a rat hole which is against her human rights and on .......and on. What comes next is a wheelchair and a visit to St. Lukes or the Veterans Memorial Hospital. I think the government should consider building a Prison Cell beside Saint Lukes Hospital... para wala ng lusot. The circus has arrived people....just kick back, relax and watch the greatest show on earth, HAAAYYYY... PINOY STYLE.

I am sure she will negotiate to turn state witness against all the congressmen and senators whom she connived with... Give her a lighter sentence perhaps in return for her testimony and any documentary evidence that she might have BUT PLEASE, SEQUESTER HER PROPERTIES AND LET HER GO TO JAIL, TOO... Hindi pwede yung I AM SORRY lang o lusot na siya kasi magtututuro na siya... SHE WAS A WILLING ACCOMPLICE.

After a Former President on hospital arrest, a Chief Justice impeached, WHO WILL BE NEXT???

Scrapping the pork barrel in all its forms is the popular will! I wonder if she'll get immunity and get to continue the lavish lifestyle she's been leading after all this saga?? It will be interesting to see how the Filipino judicial system will deal with this one.

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  1. Let’s face it: the Philippines isn’t that much of a fun place to live in. Sure, people here are fun, and you can do lots of stuff you can’t do to other countries – but here’s the thing: the people that we, Filipinos, voted for are having too much fun already. I mean, look at them, they’re in a state so full of leisure – they can control everything! Everything is in their hands! They have so much power! They are experts in fooling! They’re living in grandeur! Even though they have already stolen something so big from us, they will not be captured not unless a case is filed against them. What an honor it is to be safe from danger.

    The problem isn’t really the government. It’s the people. They don’t represent true Filipinos.

  2. It’s really disappointing to know that most our government officials have chosen to be selfless than serving their countrymen which is in fact their responsibility. I’m glad that Napoles still choose to surrender in just a short period of time. I really believe that Napoles will surely be a great alliance in investigating the Pork Barrel issue. We have the right to know these things because the Pork Barrel Fund is for us and ours.

    This will serve as a lesson for us, Filipinos. Our country is under the democratic government so we have the right to decide who will serve our country as a government official. The progress of our country is actually on our hands. All we need to do is to be clever and wise.


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