Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chuck's Deli: Lunch Bag Goodies and Tasty Challenges

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A quarter of a slabwich, soup, salad and raspberry tea slush for only Php 299!

That's already a fulfilling meal that's reasonably priced enough to satisfy your craving for some good food to please your hunger.

You can choose which slabwich (wheat or white Ciabatta bread) you want among the many choices that are uniquely but weirdly called : French Kiss, Off the Hook, Adobo Dobol, Faking Duck, Hamsome Threesome, California Waki,  Hey Sexy, among many other choices with fancy intriguing names.

For the soup you can choose Cream of Mushroon or Tomato and Basil, and for the salad - its a choice among four kinds (Caesar's, Martin's Buffy, Grilled Vegetables, or Waki).

Chuck's Deli is located at the ground floor of Serendra, at the back of Market Market and its right next to the three Echo stores which I used to read as "echos". hehehe

The Marketing Manager, Crystal Yaptinchay gave us the opportunity to try out the slabwich by offering us the Lunch Bag packaged meals. As mentioned above, its a complete meal that's healthier and more filling than what other fast food stores offer.

At first I thought each one of us would be able to try the Mother Chucker Challenge, but after eating the lunch bag meals, I was already so full and satisfied.

Also, after seeing how huge it was and how my companion tried to get an advantage by "slicing and dicing" the Mother Chucker into bits and pieces so he could easily munch and swallow it, he got disqualified.

However, he still got to eat and finish the entire Mother Chucker on his own, without any help from us (and we wouldn't dare take a bite after he "molested" that sandwich.

Well, the Lunch Bag meals are apparently not only eaten during lunch time, they can also be consumed during dinner, or anytime at all as soon as the restaurant opens up for the day.

You have a choice to order from the minimal package worth 199 only, or the 249 or 299 package meals.

We were fortunate to witness some teens trying to beat the Buffy Challenge of 5 minutes. They must eat the Buffy within five minutes to be declared a winner.Below is a video of the challenge.

Click on the link to watch the video...


Four humongous slabwich right were in front of us. How could anyone able to finish these gigantic sandwiches in just 5 minutes or less. But many have won against the challenge already. They must really be hungry or the slabwich must really be GREAT!


A glass of  ice tea to quench our thirst while waiting for our meals.

Have you seen anything like this: Your food smiling back at you - now that's a one of a kind experience!

Potato wedges or fries that were both right on in taste and not a bit too salty.

The Buffy Balls on a stick - sidekick of the Buffy slabwich, boneless, hot and with balls!

Milkshakes are also the best match for the slabwich dinner.

If you really want to be satisfied in getting your money's worth, then its time to visit Chuck's Deli. No left-overs for me. I only eat everything up if it's really great, and I'll glady recommend this restaurant to my friends and relatives. 

Our next aim is to prepare for the Mother Chucker challenge where you must finish the food within 2.5 minutes. Not really impossible as Chuck's Deli really serves great sandwiches - I'm sure to try the challenge someday!

Get to know more about them through their Facebook page:

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