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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast : Sumptuous Gourmet Breakfast by the Street


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Our next restaurant feature is not really a restaurant, but a street-side wonder that serves breakfast meant for the VIPs or the picky eaters that will soon get you hooked once you've tasted the surprisingly yummy breakfast dishes from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.

It's a hearty and filling breakfast available all throughout the day that's so affordable as well. Its been called gourmet breakfast by many and hailed by a lot of media outfits already as a unique offering of wonderful breakfast dishes worthy of several praises.

We went there during the night for dinner, and got back home still dreaming of their delectable meals. Hey! I can still remember the taste of the buttery pancakes in my mouth - for sure a leading restaurant that boasts of yummy fluffy pancakes will get envious once they get a bite of it.

At first the owners said they were able to put tables on the street itself, but since it's obviously a road block, they settled for just putting tables on the sidewalk, and additional tables located at their house nearby.

Incidentally, if you walk through their house, and go further on, you'll find yourself in Lime - another restaurant of theirs that specializes on seafood.

That would be our next food review, but for now let's concentrate on Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (not to be confused with the Kanto resto bar located at the Podium in Ortigas, Pasig).

As one of my fellow bloggers, who was there for the second time around, has said, and I quote " Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is one of my favorite breakfast places. It has redefined ambiance with its location at the side of the road where your table's a few feet from the pavement. It looks like your regular eatery and while it lacks a posh set-up, it makes up a million times, with taste, efficient & friendly service and tasty comfort gourmet food at 90 Pesos and below."

The meals are surely worth it for its prize and taste, in fact I recommended it to a friend who hosts a morning TV show at UNTV and he is soon featuring it on the Bread and Butter show.

Excuse us for the lack of light to capture better images of the food because it was already night time when we started our dining experience at Kanto Freestyle.

We actually got a little lost finding the place as there was quite a road construction along the way. Google map was also not very accurate as it led us a bit far from the correct location.

It's not advisable to take a taxi cab as you will surely spend a lot finding the place, so better drop off somewhere near Tapa King (the only known and popular landmark nearest the place) and just walk towards the location of Kanto Freestyle.

The Scramble has once been a favorite before the buko shakes in bottles proliferated, and once again I got to taste a street favorite. But this version is far more superb than the traditional. It was colorful and magical!

You're not in a fancy pancake house but here at Kanto Freestyle where they serve pancakes that's first class in taste and appearance!

The three-layered pancakes with a crushed mix of Oreos and butter on top were delightfully engaging that you'll definitely come back for more.

The other variety with Goya and Choc-Nut was sensational. I never really knew you can make toppings out of those to make your pancakes a lot more interesting. The addition of syrup hits the mark more with its sweet taste that's really exciting.

The Churros (supposed to be five pieces per order) and chocolate for dipping is something new for me. Though I'm not really a fan of such delicacies, It got my attention a bit.

The butter here just slipped down from the top of the pancakes with a luscious serving of strawberry jam with real strawberries.

The Bacon, scrambled eggs, and toasts with butter plus a bit of syrup was my favorite. I loved the crispy bacon, and the buttery toasts eaten with scrambled eggs.

Bits of apples, mangoes and raisins mixed with oatmeal.


How do you like sardines and eggs with your pandesal and poured with a healthy dose of ganache. Now that's really gourmet breakfast you can be proud of. If I was not yet full from the pancakes, I believe I could have eaten it all.

Eggs and lima beans on top of deep fried hash browns with grilled slices of tomatoes at the sides.


Champorado with tuyo! Best served when its hot. The bad thing about being a foodie is that we need to take pictures first before we get to eat it. That is why the food gets cold before we can munch on it.

A choice of poached, scrambled or sunny-side-up eggs to match your beef tapa and "sinangag"(fried rice) ....and a bonus of grilled sliced tomatoes, plus leafy greens to decorate it gourmet style.

The crew even have their own Kanto Freestyle Breakfast shirts as uniform - a familiar yellow street signage with a spoon, fork and plate and the words KANTO in the middle.

The Kanto logo - Hey I want one on a black shirt too! Maybe they could sell shirts too as an additional marketing strategy.

Kudos to Chef Arch and his brother, along with two other partners, for bringing us Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, of which incidentally they've announced the opening of two new branches in Kapitloyo, Pasig and Marikina (Aquilina St., corner Col. Divino St., Sto. NiƱo).

Everyone shared good feedback from their dining experience at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, and we will soon be raiding the kitchen of yet another restaurant that the brothers also operate, just very near from where Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is located.

This has got to be the most surprising yet welcomed experience among all my dining adventures. Their food is comparable to, or even better than the great restaurants I've been to, and believe me that I've been to a lot.

But I'm not so sure what will happen if we put the business into a more pleasant ambiance, rather than where it is right now - at the sides of the street where you'll experience natural heat, a few dusts and smoke from cars passing by, and the noisy campaign jingles of politicians coming from their roaming campaign vehicles.

To learn more about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast:

FB Page: 

Address: 549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview , 0550 Mandaluyong, Philippines 

Contact: +63(02)400-22-68, also available for delivery

How to get there by Public Transpo: 

From EDSA-Boni MRT (under Mc Donald's, Southbound side), ride a jeep going to Kalentong. The terminal is at the side of Mercury Drug. Ask driver to drop you off at San Joaquin St. It would take you around 30-45 minutes depending on traffic condition.

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  1. This Freestyle breakfast really shows the artistic side of we Filipinos. This persons shows how to make a simple dish look elegant. They showed it like it was made by a top chef. Their food presentation is mouth-watering. It looks like it was from a high class restaurant. I hope the food taste as great as the way they looked. Because I will make sure to taste those someday.
    - kate lilang IV-Berzelius

  2. Have tried their Mandaluyong branch. A bit unsanitary and unfriendly staff. Almost lahat ng gusto namin itry hindi available. Sana sa Marikina iba.


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