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Master Hanz Cua: Still Up to His Feng Shui and Predictions?

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Hanz Cua was the Jose Mari Chan of the Chinese New Year. 

Before 2020, people were listening to Hanz Cua. 

Today, they roll their eyes at him. 

It's what you call progress, guys. But I feel so frustrated that a pandemic had to hapoen before you were all enlightened.

He was the one who said 2020 will be a “strong, prosperous and lucky year.”...but look at what happened. Lol.

Feng shui expert Hanz Cua stood by this  forecast as he reminded the public that feng shui predictions, which are based on the alignment of stars, only serve as a general guide...and that 2020 is not yet over...yet is an understatement.

Now that statement just emphasized why we should not trust him again. If it's not a reliable, then why follow it at all.

Am I the only one who, everytime I see the latest shitstorm happening in 2020, think back and silently curse Hanz Cua for predicting how “lucky” 2020 is going to be?

2020 is almost over, and still there has been very little good news and even worsen by this sorry excuse for a government.

I think it is safe to say, the master is a disaster.

Before Master Hanz Cua there was Zenaida Seva. Whatever happened to her?

Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang sila. Meron tayong free will. Gamitin natin ito.

Feng Shui is another Chinese belief that many have successfully instilled to the lifelines of Filipinos, and sadly it has manipulated us to even spend not just out of respect but also as a probable means to get luck and fortune. Look at how we even celebrate Chinese New Year and apply their customs and traditions in the Philippines. Most of these beliefs would be humorous if not for the widely circulated usage of these "superstitions" in all media.

It's a commercial invention designed for you to spend more than what is necessary. Out of this is an opportunity to sell items that are not necessarily of use or function but merely as decorations to represent a made-up event.

"Astrology is fake 

Fung shui is fake 

Hanz Cua is a master of none

Scam ang mga iyan!" -  @Attorneycorny

Is it true that laurel or bay leaves can be used to attract money and good luck?

And the so called Master Hanz Cua is saying if we put bay leaves in our wallets, it won't run out of money.

I should love this for being a Plantito, but.... deep up inside my head I'm looking for any logical and scientific reason this would sound sane....but can't find any.

We respect, but it shouldn't mean that we should also Implement even if they are totally absent of scientific and logical explanations.

I have a money tree or most specifically a chestnut tree but I'm not really keeping it as a lucky charm. It just so happened that it grew on our backyard on its own so we made it part of our plant children. Not because we believe it will make us lucky. Luck could only be attained if you work hard and smart, while meeting the right people at the right time. It's more likely a sitcom when situations are favorable and you end up laughing in the end.

For Laurel plants, are they truly lucky? Check out what I got from a forum:

Since ancient times, people believed that if small leaves of a laurel plant were spread out in all corners of a dwelling, it would remove all the negative. It is believed that the laurel absorbs the negative energy accumulated over the long years of living in this room. After all, each house has its own energy, and it is filled with both positive moments of the owners’ life and negative ones.

*A wreath woven from a bay leaf protects from thunder and lightning;
*A dwelling in which the leaves of a plant are laid out will never be robbed;
*Leaves of a plant save from diseases;
*If you wear laurel in your pocket, it will save you from troubles and misfortunes;
*If you smell the fragrant leaves of the plant, it will give strength and relieve fatigue of the body;
*The leaves of laurel under the pillow will guarantee only good dreams;
*Laying crossed laurel leaves under the rug at the threshold will bring good luck to the house;
*Before the wedding, the laurel leaves laid in the shoes of the bride and groom will bring long and happy life to the newlyweds;
*There is a belief that if you take five bay leaves and tie them with scarlet string or a thick woolen thread, and then attach such a composition over the front door, then everyone living in the house will be accompanied by good luck in all matters;
*If you hang a bay leaf above the baby’s bed, then no one can jinx the baby.

Yes, there's nothing wrong if we follow them as long as you're not totally relying on their promised "magical powers."

There are no enchantments, neither credible astrological or face and palm readings and interpretations that could interfere with our luck. The tools they are using are not based on any Science and Technology. They're nothing but what makes fantasy and fictional movies fascinating to watch. These ancient knowledge are nothing more but wisdom acquired in the absence of Science during those yesteryears where most of our elders are amazed with everything unexplained yet.

Now that Science is here. There's no more need to believe in these nonsense.

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