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Observing and Dealing with Several Tech Start Ups

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For the past years, I've been observing and dealing with several start up company around the world. I've seen several start up founders talk about its craft in the Tech Summit. And how passionate and excited they are pitching as well as showing its unique masterpiece. Lately was last month, I've encounter great tech talks from several founders and grit tech enthusiast from different parts of the globe. 

As a common observation they wanted the be the next Jack, Mark, Elon or Jeff of the Tech business world. They were hungry in making solution to several problems. Observing and Dealing with Several Tech Start Ups made me realized that each creation will lead to another creation. And they always wanted to be cooler than the current one. 

I've seen Amazon started in selling books, today they are like a one stop shop or mall that sells everything. I never thought that you can create a technology after an existing technology. Web after web, product after product integrated with awesome technology. For instance this logo company, they combined great talents to provide outstanding logo outcome in the just several minutes. To make your app look great and more functional.

Another is that this site makes you look professional by putting a sign that your web homepage is updating soon web homepage plug ins. I can see that this idea of start up company started as an experience. And then they wanted you  or the next user to experience more. I mean better and more professional than you are. As well as perform more out of your existing web business. 

Making your company look great, more professional at the same time reduce cost and save time. Because customer might walk away or check your competitors site. Its like putting a decoration on cake. That will gain customer trust that you were updating your web soon for better.

Couple of years ago, I've started my own call center start up. I enjoyed promoting it to several media outlets such as Print, Online, TV and Radio Stations. With a goal in mind to dominate the US, Canada and Philippine BPO Industry. Aligned with these several successful start up founders I've seen before. Which is really a tough start up roller coaster ride and not easy. 
Now lets go to Fashion Tech, Just like a regular start up summit talks business speeddating or business chit chat. The fashion guy in the picture above. I had a little chit chat with the CEO itself Boris Hodakel of Sewport a fashion site that connects Brands and Garment Manufacturers.

Boris question?

Me Question 1. What is your company goal in the next 5 years? 

Boris -  Our goal for the next 5 years is to become the leading platform to manufacture any fashion item. So that anything can be created with just a couple of couple of clicks, seamlessly. 

Me Question 2. Business owners can go directly to other bidding sites, clothing manufacturing sites or brokerage firms. What separate your company from those? 

Boris - We are different in a way that we offer much more than just bids. Our service works based on relevance and we deeply understand the problems and the solutions. Its not a listing website, its a community

Me Question 3. Why did you come up with this business clothing tech site? 

Boris - Why did we come up with this site ? Because we ran the business 3 years before without the website and saw that a lot of things can be automated to allow for brands to communicate with clothing manufacturers directly, eliminating the agents and all agency fees. No middlemen, just direct contact
Me Question 4. What is your clothing business market perspective when It comes to Asia like Philippines?

Boris - We recognized Philippines as a great country with high potential and a lot of clothing manufacturing companies are in Philippines. We welcome each company to join Sewport to get more leads and connect with brands directly. We allow doing more business online with modern fresh young brands after all online is where the brands are now. 

Sewport allows to get more leads, more exposure to any clothing manufacturer. And best of all, it is also free for Manufacturers as we do not charge them anything. I think we allow to get connected for those smaller and medium-sized manufacturers who do not have the funds to do fancy marketing websites or fly overseas to participate in expensive trade shows. 

All these companies can join Sewport, complete a business profile describing what they do, some images of their facilities and specifics and connect to provide services to brands worldwide. Isn't this great?

I can see that after with his experience in the clothing industry. He wanted to do more with to add value to what is in the current clothing market trends right now. Just like how Alibaba and Amazon started before with a small volume.

While I looked out on social media, I saw this real and cool testimonial on how his company performs in the past years. Malik Saladin reviewed Sewport - connecting Brands and Manufacturers — as with 5 star ratings just 2 years ago which is dated April 7, 2016.

He Said "We did a large run of 2500 T-shirts and Sweats. All items are of good quality. Our specs were met. We came to see Sewport in their London office for a meeting. It is great when you can actually meet your manufacturer face to face. 

I have to give credit for that! The person in charge of the meeting ran us through all the details (where the production units are, payment terms, lead-times etc) so after the meeting we had a good idea of how our production will be handled by them. After receiving the pre-production sample in about 2-3 weeks time we signed off on it for them to begin bulk production. 
We checked through most items in the batch order, it's safe to say the quality is identical, if not better, than the signed sample. Items came neatly folded. The experience was positive."

3 days ago, I was at the fashion show that merged between the worlds top 3 motorcycle brand named Suzuki. And with the country's top clothing brand called Bench. They did collaborate with each other to bring fashion and style in riding in every street, across 7 thousand islands. 

With more than 42 thousands Barangay's and a thousand of city's and towns across 81 Provinces within Philippine islands. It was like a Victoria Secret or Mercedes Benz fashion musical motoring show experience like last night.  

Now I just realized that the top 10 brand fashion and beauty start up. Wanted to expand its horizon with thousands of Philippine-Asian market fashion pros and garment manufacturers. As a leading leading platform to manufacture any fashion item. Visit and sign up to for more info.

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