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Buying Your Dream House? The Top 4 Important Details To Think About

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We all have our dream homes, but not everyone believes that they can come to life. If you are on the look for that dream house of yours, here are some important factors to deliberate over before investing.

1. Aesthetic/Architectural Design
What is your dream house? Is it an apartment, a condo unit, a townhouse, or a simple bungalow-type? How many rooms will it have? Will your home require a big space? Would you need a guest room? Will it give off a modern, minimalist, or rustic vibe? It is important to think these tiny details through when deciding to buy a home. It is your dream house, after all. The way our home looks affect the way we feel and perform. Assess yourself which of these are your top priority.

Buying a house is considered as the most important and most expensive decision one would ever make in his/her life so might as well go for the best and for what you really like. Learning what you want and what will make you feel comfortable and ‘at home’ early prepares you for the possible expenses you are about to encounter.

2. Location
You can buy a house and renovate it to meet your ideal home style, but you can never ever change a home’s location once the decision is done. Location is one of the most important yet often disregarded aspects of buying a home, especially when practicality comes first. Most oft thetime the best locations also have the ‘finest’ price, which results in simply settling down to what is ‘okay’.

You can choose the type of house you want to live in, but never forget that you can also choosewho your neighbors will be and what kind of community you are willing to take part in. Being atpeace and at ease with your surrounding makes the house a home.

Check if your prospect location has the following qualities:

● In close proximity to the living essentials: transportation access, market, mall, hospital,
school/workplace, etc.
● Meets your lifestyle means and needs
● Safe and secure

Generally, central business district areas provide the convenience to all things mentioned above, but living within one isn’t always the most practical decision. Try to scout for potential home locations in the nearby areas around the CBD. You might be surprised to discover ah hiddengem that would require a few more walks, less money, but would still allow you easy
access to these CBD perks.

3. Financial Matters
Now that you have clearly painted in your head your future dream house in the best location possible, the next concern is how can you afford it? Money matters, especially in terms of buying a property, sound overwhelming.

Let this not make you think that you don’t deserve a house you cannot afford as of the moment.

Getting a house once you have the money is ideal but saving up for a house might take a long while. There are various housing loans to help you and let you enjoy the comfort of your own home early:

● Government: PAG-IBIG Fund Loan, SSS, NHMFC, SHFC
● Bank Housing Loan
● Developer Assisted Housing Loan

Interest rates and terms for housing loans differ from one option to another. Carefully study all your available options and assess which one would work best for you and your budget.

4. Timeline
How critical is it for you to have your own place? Is it urgent? Or do you still have time to save up? Timing plays a critical role in decision-making because it will determine what your next actions would be.

The time to turn your dream house into a reality has come. Considering all these aspects ahead will guarantee your money spent wisely. Investing in a house is a big move involving a huge fortune. Make sure that you invest your money in the best possible home that will satisfy you
and your needs.

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