Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mu Noodle Bar: Where Everything Is Oh So Good!

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This is the very first time I've been to a restaurant where every dish served was "Oh, So Good!".

I am not exaggerating! It really was the most satisfying dining experience I've been to, and I am really puzzled why I only blogged about it only today. I seem to have lost control of my senses, and just kept planning on my next visit to the restaurant. But since it was a bit too far from my place, I had to hold the urge to return otherwise, I may no longer leave the place once I get to taste again everything on the menu.

Well, I guess I'm really exaggerating when I said I'll never leave, but to keep it realistic, I would forever make this restaurant a part of top ten list of highly recommended restaurants in Metro Manila that I would often visit.

Mu Noodle Bar is a modest-sized restaurant serving mixed Asian cuisine. It is located at #197 Wilson Street Greenhills, San Juan. You can find it among the many other restaurants in the area. Mu is actually Mandarin for mother which perhaps suggests that its like mother's home cooking. Prepared with much love and affection thus making it a hearty meal for the family.


I had Ice Tea as my drink for the day. Well, I guess its the most logical and healthy drink to order amidst a choice of colas.

Soups were initially served to us, namely the Char Siu Pork noodle soup and Beef with Tendon noodle soup. I've always preferred beef-flavored soup every time, but this two particularly gave me a hard time to decide. My choice for the better soup were inexplicably torn between the two. For me, both were at par with each other thus it was a tie.....and there was really no tie-breaker.


The 3 Cup Chicken beats any chicken dish I've tasted so far. It is really one of the best I've ever tasted. The roasted garlic that comes with the dish were also somehow cooked into something a bit more tasty. Again, this time I'm serious when I said I'm not exaggerating. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. You'll definitely agree with me later.

The Beef Fried Rice was good on its own. Heck, I could it it even without any viands. It had a taste that were comparable to the five-star restaurants - hrll, no! It was actually better!

The Prawn Omellete was simply magnificent. I've loved prawns all my life, and the combination of eggs to the dish made it more familiar in taste. I think it also contained a few bean sprouts and onions making it complete with your vegetable requirements.

The dessert options included the Milk Tea Ice Cream, which from the name itself you would easily discren that its milk tea-flavored ice cream.

The Frozen Fruit dessert is a concoction made from different fruits. You'll fall in love with it especially if you're into the healthier options. Its less sugary and more of a blast of fruity-flavored goodness.

The Mu Milky Cup was the most recommended among the desserts that were served to us. So creamy and with an added crunch brought by that crispy ingredient I couldn't really recall right now. I think I ate a significant amount of this and left so little to my friends. I simply couldn't resist to eat more. "Galit-galit muna tayo!"

The Cua Pao Custard is also a must try if you're looking for something soft and gooey yet so remarkably tasty.

The restaurant owner, Martin Ledesma, told us that Mu Noodle Bar is a family-owned restaurant in partnership with his brother and his girlfriend. I am sure glad they've decided to setup this restaurant business. I now have a great reason to drop by Wilson Street in San Juan.

Overall, the dining experience at Mu Noodle Bar went very well. I highly recommend it to everyone. It beats any other restaurant with these kind of dishes. My choice meal at this restaurant was the 3 Cup Chicken, paired with their Beef Fried Rice, and a hot serving of any of their noodles.

Learn more about Mu Noodle Bar fro their Facebook page:


197 Wilson St., San Juan, Philippines

Contact numbers:
telephone: 451-2681
cellphone: 0917-807-4057/02

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