Saturday, August 2, 2014

Appreciated in a World Full of Thank You

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The day of July 31 was so heartwarming. It's the last day of July gearing up for the first day of August, but somehow this day was so blessed for me as it seems to be the day when more opportunities begin to show up. Here are the reasons why:

I got a message of support, a congratulations, a personal call of thanks, an offer to collaborate, and emails sharing similar support and praises, from several different persons at different times of the day and at different locations, appreciating my work as a blogger.

1. Meeting with a sponsor who voluntarily informs you of her support towards your decisions and methods, and then invites you to explore possible opportunities to work together, definitely perks you up and also lightens up the heavy load you were carrying. It was nice of her to inform me that at the other side of the wall lies several people who believed I am the more credible.

2. Arriving at an event, being recognized immediately, greeted warmly and then being congratulated, was also music to my ears. It is such an honor to be treated like a VIP because of the achievements I was lucky enough to get. True enough, all our sincere efforts and hard work will be eventually rewarded.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Marian Rivera: The Real Queen of All Queens

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Marian Rivera has always been as charming as the first days she first appeared on national television. She already had the face to soothe any savage beast into submission. Even though there were appearances as a mother to young children, we all know she does not meet that particular role yet as evident to the fact that many roles are yet to be discovered for her.

She has emerged as the Queen of all Queens, and always a winner in both beauty and appeal. She could probably win you over any argument if she wants to. She has that charm that cam make people meek out of admiration to her glowing beauty.

Mega Magazine joins the worldwide cause of anything and everything sustainable and eco-friendly. And it's just perfect to have the naturally beautiful and newest endorser of Hana, Marian Rivera, on their July 2014 cover. In this issue, they finally got to know Marian as Marian herself. 

Vikings Luxury Buffet: Featuring South East Asian Cuisine Every Weekend of August

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Norse pirates or other wise known as vikings have more great reasons to celebrate and shout their battle cry. Not to go to war but to dine on South East Asian menu that features dishes from all over. Every weekend, diners of Vikings Luxury Buffet will go buffet crazy and immensely appreciative.

Foodies will experience feasting on a combination of Singaporean, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines that was freshly cooked and prepared that same day. You'll never stop scooping on those delectable dishes once you've learned they are available via a grand buffet all ready for you to dive in and get out of control. Their newest offering promises to be great choices to please every taste bud out there.

At this restaurant, no one will be surprised if they see people keep coming back to the buffet spreads like warriors marching on towards the enemy grounds. The chefs have made the dishes so irresistible that even the mightiest viking will indulge on an eating frenzy because of the tempting gastronomic delights!

Give this food fight all you've got, we're all likely going to go hungry again after a few hours anyway, and never eat just right so you could eat again another day. Go for more, there's a reason why it's called a buffet. You are expected to splurge and not hesitate because you only live once so always eat a hearty meal.

But who needs more motivation. We will let the food speaks for itself. Once you've tasted just a few of them, you are bound to get hooked and try out more dishes.

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