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Vikings Luxury Buffet: Featuring South East Asian Cuisine Every Weekend of August

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The Norse pirates or other wise known as vikings have more great reasons to celebrate and shout their battle cry. Not to go to war but to dine on South East Asian menu that features dishes from all over. Every weekend, diners of Vikings Luxury Buffet will go buffet crazy and immensely appreciative.

Foodies will experience feasting on a combination of Singaporean, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines that was freshly cooked and prepared that same day. You'll never stop scooping on those delectable dishes once you've learned they are available via a grand buffet all ready for you to dive in and get out of control. Their newest offering promises to be great choices to please every taste bud out there.

At this restaurant, no one will be surprised if they see people keep coming back to the buffet spreads like warriors marching on towards the enemy grounds. The chefs have made the dishes so irresistible that even the mightiest viking will indulge on an eating frenzy because of the tempting gastronomic delights!

Give this food fight all you've got, we're all likely going to go hungry again after a few hours anyway, and never eat just right so you could eat again another day. Go for more, there's a reason why it's called a buffet. You are expected to splurge and not hesitate because you only live once so always eat a hearty meal.

But who needs more motivation. We will let the food speaks for itself. Once you've tasted just a few of them, you are bound to get hooked and try out more dishes.

Laksa Shrimps, Vermicelle and Bean Sprout
You'll have a hard time resisting the soup that's part of the South East Asian menu. There's Laksa Shrimps, Vermicelle and Bean Sprout that you'll enjoy in every sip and spoonful! We loved how the spice was just right on the palate. Not too spicy and a lot more focused on a filling concoction.

Indian appetizers

An assortment of Indian appetizers allowed us to experience how the said nationality probably eats. Loved the different bread-like stuff that you can shred and dip. The dips offered choices for the many possible ways to eat them. I would get experimental and scoop out a small portion of each dip just to experience the taste.

Indian Samosa, Falafel in Pita, and Tandoori Chicken Terrine with a Jicama, Mango and Coriander Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

The starters were excellent choices of bite-size specialties that eventually flew and invaded our plate. We loved the trio of Indian Samosa, Falafel in Pita, and Tandoori Chicken Terrine with a Jicama, Mango and Coriander Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette. I loved how each portion offered a different adventure in taste.

Lamb Shank Rendang with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Potato Bhajis and served with a Cucumber, Pepper and Pomelo Relish

The main dishes composed of Lamb Shank Rendang with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Potato Bhajis and served with a Cucumber, Pepper and Pomelo Relish was like the climax of the dining adventure. Imagine a huge chunk of meat all for me, plus the remarkable ingredients that was so generously put into this to make it taste like a specialty dish fit for the toughest Viking warrior.

Indonesian Mee Goreng
The Indonesian Mee Goreng spiced up my afternoon to a peak because it was the most tasty dish served that day. Mee Goreng actually means "fried noodles" as what we could very well see, but the spice was something you need to experience on your own because no amount of photo can show you how good it really tasted like.

Sate Udang and Kampot Squid with dips

The Sate Udang were sumptuous prawn skewers thoroughly cooked within. I am surprised that shrimps would turn out as soft like that. I could feel it melt in my mouth. I actually consumed a lot of this. The waiters were already asking us if they can clear the plates but I told them to keep it there since I had my eye on the still remaining two sticks of Sate Udang.

Along with the prawn skewers were the Kampot Squid that was soft and tender and had a squishy filling that complements the grilled squid really good. It turns out that its a mixture of the squid heads grinded together with other special ingredients. I don't normally eat the head of the squid so it was an ingenious way to prevent any left-over parts of the squid.

Ice Kachang
The desserts are Ice Kachang that looks like halo-halo at first, but when you start eating, you'll realize its more than just ice filled with sweet ingredients. There are lots of sweet surprises that would make the fiercest warrior tame while enjoying a glass of this.
South East Asian Sweets Sampler

The sampler of South East Asian Sweets were meant to please the sweet tooths. More kinds of dessert that resembles our "ginataang halo-halo with sago", fruit cocktail,  plus ...hey...wait a minute! Are those waffles on sticks?... They sure look like it. Imagine my enjoyment after I dipped them in the coconut and tamarind jam or similar to the "latik" (well, that's what I think it was since it tasted similar).

Waffles with Coco / Tamarind Jam?

Overall, don't you dare miss these dishes because they become part of the buffet every weekends at Vikings. I know there are already a lot of wonderful choices at the buffet tables but be sure to always try something new so you can boast that you're among the first ones who has tried their new specialty dishes.

Let me allow Chef Jerry to invite you guys personally to dine on the new South East Asian Cuisine that will be available every weekend of August.

Vikings MOA Chefs and Management
First Set of Foodie Bloggers at one table
Second set of Foodie Bloggers on a Another Table

Vikings may be a manly name for a restaurant, but I was undoubtedly swooning like a female over all the delectable dishes served to us. You'll fall in love with the variety of tastes that takes you into a blissful satisfaction right after. Enjoy the buffet and eat like a warrior.

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  1. I hope I can eat in Vikings. I like buffet. All the featured food is appetizing. JJang!

  2. There are a lot of buffets around the Mall of Asia grounds, but I like Vikings for the food that it offers and the view that it has which is that of the Manila Bay. Though a plate here is expensive the eating experience is luxurious and great! I would recommend this place to anyone who has a huge appetite.

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