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6 Perks of Solo Condo Living in Your Twenties

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Your twenties is the decade of your life where you discover several things about yourself. It’s the time when you try things out and experience the rise and fall of being young. Being out of college and snagging your first job gives you the first taste of the real world. Indeed, this age is when life becomes so fast, yet the same age wherein you realize there is more to life.

Thus, it’s the best time to move out of your childhood home and practice living alone. You may start by looking at your options, such as pre-selling residential buildings in Pasig, like The Galleon in Ortigas. When you separate from your parents, you learn how to be an adult.

There are several reasons to get away from the chaos of your family to forge your path. Unfortunately, many young adults fear the costs of breaking away from the pack. When going solo, the monthly utility bills, daily expenses, and rental or mortgage fees come into mind. These financial obligations cannot be avoided and are part of the learning curve. That way, you become an independent and self-sufficient twentysomething.

Below are other perks you gain from living in your condo.

Perks of living in a condo in your 20s

1. You learn to be more financially literate.

Living with parents means they are in charge of utility bills, food expenses, and rent [if you are in a rental]. When the place is yours, no one will shoulder these costs but you.

Living by yourself tests your decision-making skills. You learn to look for sources of income to cover your expenses. You discipline yourself on impulse buying after the paycheck. You consider investing in your health and future. You save up for monthly and annual checkups to keep yourself in top shape. You start to build your investment portfolio so you can upgrade from a rental to owning the property.

2. You discover your creative side.

Your fun side comes out as there’s no one to control, comment on, or hinder you from pursuing a passion project. You have a good time without having other people around you. You can start crafting your piece if you have your tools. Eventually, you spend hours working on it, so you rarely get bored.

3. You recover from daily pressure.

Highly sensitive people can use space and time to recharge their energy. However, living with others can be difficult, especially if they need peace and silence to unwind. If they don’t relax, they can develop physical and mental illnesses. With this said, it helps to invest in a condo with relevant amenities and facilities that align with your lifestyle. For example, Shang Residences at Wack-wack is built with a yoga studio, sauna, fitness center, and golf course that allows athletic pursuits.

4. You will learn to appreciate even the mundane things.

Because no one welcomes you at the end of a tiring day, the scarcity of affection makes you appreciate the company of others. You learn the difference between a house and a home. You start to love your noisy siblings. Most of all, you look for your mom and dad.

Besides your family, you also begin to value what your friends offer. Whether it’s their time or gifts, you learn to be grateful for their act of giving. You will understand how it is to give even when you have less to offer.

5. You will learn to keep your space clean and organized.

Adulting means mom won’t be around to pick up clothes, change sheets and cook meals. The rental will need upkeep, especially if you want to invite people. You don’t want anyone to know how much of a slob you are. You must wash and iron your clothes. The laundromat can do it, but do you need additional expenses docked off your income? Think about it.

Plus, there’s nothing more stressful than a messy and strewn-out place. It takes a lot of time to look for the things you need at the moment. On top of that, unnecessary stuff gives headaches.

6. You learn to be more responsible and independent.

This is the crux of living independently. You only tend to yourself for survival when living by yourself. You choose the things beneficial for you. You start to value your overall health and status. You can spend a day eating out, shopping and doing the things that make you happy by yourself. You can do the things that help you reach your goals. Hence, you gain confidence and personal pride. You build your sense of worth and self-esteem without thinking of the duties to fulfill.

Though having a condo is already a perk, living in one without a companion is a wholly different experience. It comes with lessons that will equip you with skills and traits you can use for a lifetime. Your twenties is sure to be your crazy years once you become firm on moving out.

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