Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The new color of the opposition: From Yellow Dilawans to Pink Kakampinks, supporters conduct pink caravans

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"The color pink generally represents nurturing and love. It is usually associated with femininity, but also with the innocence and playfulness of childhood. It is non-threatening, calming, and reassuring; so often seen as a SIGN OF HOPE"

When it rains, it pinks? Bicol Caravan for Leni. Same thing happened in Cebu.

VP Leni Robredo’s supporters and volunteers conduct a “pink caravan” in various parts of the country as expression of support for her 2022 presidential run.

Let all the doors and all the roads of opportunities  open today, give us light in darkness and never live us aside. 

Please make the days enjoyable for everyone.

Let's hope nobody does anything to thwart the people's desire to elect whoever they want to. It's time the voice of the majority is heard again, not that of the few who are more concerned about their money, influence and power.

Who was it who spent millions and wasted years questioning the results of the previous election?

We maybe laughing at his desperate move especially on historical revisionism, but you know what, we must be scared because Pinoys are so gullible. The fake news peddlers are working double time  to brainwash the masses...and many are being manipulated.

It is frustrating that some Filipinos have very short memories. Ferdinand Marcos pillaged the country's coffers. His wife acted like a queen. His son played with expensive cars. His daughters were married to sons of oligarchs to solidify the fiefdom.

It is alarming that only 1% of voters are influenced by Twitter versus the above 70% that are based sa Facebook. Twitter is indeed an eco chamber of Leni’s supporters. Leni’s socmed teams need to step up on Facebook. 

To my #kakampinks do not feel disheartened or disappointed let us trust the process. VP Leni also admitted they are not perfect or her slates may not be perfect, but what's important now is they are one in certain issues to help uplift our countrymen. 

The blaming game would just divide us.

Marcos Jr. has been campaigning on social media for so many years. But that’s all just smoke and mirrors. Let’s see how he fares when his campaign collides with reality.

I don't think people should be discussing politics on social media. People here have already made up their minds. The votes that matter are off line and they cannot be won over with vitriol.

The partial battle is in social media to dispel fake news. But for purposes of getting votes. It is still in a face to face campaigning and educating people in the grassroots...

Wear something pink when you stroll even if it’s not Wednesday. Please wear pink and then post on social media. #Kakampinks go forth and multiply!

We will vote for Leni in the 2022 presidential elections. 

But we will continue to be a critic. We will continue to be a critic of anyone who wins. It is not our job to defend people who are supposed to serve the Filipino people. Address the roots of conflict in the country!

We will support Leni all the way but when she's now president, we will keep on reminding her that she is a public servant first and foremost and her thrust is good governance. We do believe that powers corrupt but not Leni, we trust her 100%.

We Catholics vote by conscience so the Church never endorses a candidate. But as individual priests, they have the moral duty to pray for, discern, and lead their flock to good. 

We admire VP Leni Robredo for her grit. She has an unyielding courage in the face of adversity and has proven to be effective despite her limited resources. Above all, she has no traces of corruption. 

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