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Jabra Elite 2: True wireless freedom. Reinvented.

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The plain white box or packaging of the Jabra Elite 2, featuring "customizable music and powerful bass" says " Welcome to Superior Sound" and they also proudly stated that they scanned 62,000 unique ears to engineer these "compact, comfortable earbuds, using our advanced technology to deliver the incredible sound you want," in a premium design. The statement continued with "They'll change the way you think about sound on the go. This is true wireless freedom. Reinvented."

The package comes with the earphones contained inside the charging case, a USB charging cable, extra eartips, and a small safety information and warranty brochure.

So our question to evaluate the product are the following: 

Does it make an impression with its looks or appearance (shape, color, texture)?

Naturally, the looks is always the first thing we see in everything we encounter. That's why brands need to create a memorable first impression with impact by making their product recognizable and immediately able to address the needs of their target consumers.

For a wireless earphone, I do prefer it to look small yet elegant. Bulky and colorful is too intimidating and distracting. I don't want people to be staring at me and trying to figure what's sticking out of my ears.

I like the dark colors for my gadgets. Light colors would be among the last choice since it's easily prone to visible dirt.

The matte finish has been always preferred compared to glossy ones that leaves fingerprint smudges. It would be a "eeww" moment when you see smudges whiles the earphones are inserted in your ears.

The Jabra Elite 2 earphones are available in Dark Gray and Navy blue color options.

Either of the two could be my choice, but since the latter is a newer option, compared to the usual black and gray, I would pick the navy blue color first, then the dark gray as my second choice. 

The only slight hassle for me is the difficulty in identifying between the left from the right earphones since even the labels for L and R (indicating left and right) are of the same color. Though you could interchange and they would still work, there are functions that are only available on the specific earphone.

For someone like me who has a poor eyesight. My vision impairment makes it hard for me to distinguish between the left and right. They could have embossed the L and R indications so I could identify even by touch.

Is it durable enough for continuous usage, under the elements, or frequent wearing?

We need to consider the materials used especially for something that we put in our ears. 

Jabra says their eargels  or eartips are rainproof and made of silicon - both on the unit and the replacement or extra pieces included in the box.

I do appreciate the extra eargels so I could have some spares when the ones on the earphones have already suffered from frequent use.

The wireless earphones are not a one size fits all but you could say it's a one size comfortable for all.

The brand even used sustainable, FSC-certified materials and environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks in their packaging boasting all 100% sustainable, recyclable, and guilt-free.

Is it better, specifically in terms of technology features, than the previous wireless earphones we've tried?

Being a Bluetooth device, it can be automatically detected by your phone so you could pair it.

We're supposed to be able to press the buttons on the earphones but it's a bit hard and stiff considering the design. Jabra could have made it more touch-sensitive instead of buttons that you need to press.

You can download the Jabra Sound+ app to get controls for music presets or settings...the default of which is "Neutral"... and then the other choices are Bass Boost, Speech, Treble Boost, Energize but the default is actually good enough already, other features like a "Find my Jabra" option so you could use it in case one or both your earphones fell off from your ears accidentally. It is easy to lose them since it's lightweight and small so you'll appreciate that feature.

The Jabra Elite 2 earphones has a noise-isolating design. You can hardly hear the noise outside while wearing the earphones. There is little ambient noise that you could hear. Thus, I have to remove the gadget from one ear when someone wants to talk to me, and I need to hear what that person has to say...or turn off the earphones...which is a positive thing since I prefer to be immersed in my music. Just be careful when using it for situations where you need to still hear the outside world.

The sound is clear and crisp enough but not as powerful since I couldn't maximize the volume to a level as high as my previous earphones. I've already maxed out the volume of my Android phone listening to Spotify, YouTube or making calls using Messenger.

It has two mics for calls so it's really clear. I tried calling my wife on Messenger using the earphones' microphone and she could hear me well, even when I was in the bathroom making a leak, or outside while watering our plants. She could clearly identify the change of environment since there was an echo while I was in the bathroom.

The battery boasts of up to 7 hours battery life. The battery case cum charger is a fast charger that can fully charge the earphones in only 15 minutes. The box says the earphones can last up to 21 hours while inside the charging case.

The two year warranty is a bonus since many are only offering one year.

Is it affordable enough, or is its price reasonable or worth enough considering all that we have mentioned?

The suggested retail price of the Jabra Elite 2 is Php 3,795 SRP, a thousand pesos less than the Jabra Elite 3 which is Php 4,795 SRP.

It's definitely a lot better from the ordinary and generic earphones that we could get from our neighborhood gadget seller.

The Jabra Elite 2 has a limited release in certain regions that includes the Philippines and other select markets worldwide.

You may visit the Jabra PH official Facebook page: to check the product availability online or in store.

Video of the unboxing will be uploaded soon on our social media accounts, specifically on YouTube and Facebook.

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