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#ChangeOil RelationSHIT

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Wow! #changeoil is still trending. Having a bf/gf in this generation is scary because guys easily give in to temptation and some gals snake their way in to ruin the relationship you protect. Seriously, is infidelity a thing nowadays?

It is challenging to establish a relationship in those days, and most people don't value relationships or the person that loves most. Nowadays, people think of relationships as a doormat or a change of clothing they can change/use whenever they want. 

March of last year we had Sam Morales. This year of the same month we have #changeoil

Hay nako Internet world, you never ever change. 

When you cheat, you are not only destroying your relationship with your partner when you break up. It doesn't just end there because you can also affect his/her relationship with someone in the future. It can cause trauma. 

The #changeoil casts. Kath Yves & sarah

You could easily identify the the gf vs the sidehoe. Why sidehoes are always cheap looking bitch.  Haha 

To official gf, you're too gorgeous to be with that kind of man. 

Again, the first issue is your BF's commitment. But the bitches who are very cooperative to hide things and to lie more and competitive to steal your man is another story.

They said, look at you man's sidehoe, that's how cheap his taste is. And you don't want to be in that same level. So let go. 

And to that guy, remember that cheaters are the most insecure person in the world. 

And you have the lowest IQ because you are always using your head down there inside your pants when thinking instead of your real head.

If you're not happy with your relationship right now and you're about to cheat, pls makipaghiwalay ka na lang. Because when you cheat, you can destroy someone's trust, confidence and self esteem. It makes someone question a lot of things like self-worth. 

Pota we should normalize daw. May utak pa ba ito?

So if my bf of 10yrs did this, I should just be "thankful for the nice memories?" It doesn't work like that bruh. Pero di ka ka-relate kay I'm sure you've never been in a committed long-term relationship & with your mindset, I doubt you ever will. 

Normalizing cheating? Seriously?  Di talaga totoo yung kasabihang “humanap ka ng pangit” e. If you cannot stick to one, then do not waste a woman’s time & feelings. Dont get into a serious relationship. STAY SINGLE. Mag coochie hopping kayo, it’s your choice. 

I can probably accept the reason "nagsawa na" if you say it straight to my face rather than cheat on me first before saying it. Cheaters do not have any valid reason! 

Theres no enough reason for a man or a person to cheat. You can leave anytime you want but never cheat! If you're still attracted to other girls then dude you're not yet inlove. Don't make someone feel special when in reality your still looking for something else!!

 Ang masasabi ko lang sa #changeoil issue na yan, trust actions, not words. Mas trust worthy yun. I love yous can be thrown around easily. Actions require effort, something not most people are willing to undertake.

Find someone who shares the same mindset as you are. If you want to be with multiple partners, find someone who wants the same thing. If you are loyal and faithful, find that same person. Everyone has preferences. Idk how some of ya'll justify cheating. 

You have to learn that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up, it simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren't meant to be.

Girls, if your man cheats once, twice, wag niyo ng paabutin ng tatlo, apat, lima bago makipagbreak. Don't hesitate to break up with him. Don't tolerate this type of guy. You deserve better. Never settle for less.

There goes the saying “you deserve what you tolerate!” 

If you tolerate your partners cheating habit, then you deserve that pain! 

#changeoilserye #changeoil

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