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Bimby Aquino Yap: Stressful talaga maging bakla sa Pilipinas

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I'm feeling really uncomfortable seeing some moots here making fun of Bimby's sexuality or gestures na circulating online.

Bimby just showed his feminine side and y'all immediately assumed his sexuality? 2021 na ganyan pa din kayo mag-isip?

I know Bimby has been subject to countless memes but him being effeminate or possibly being gay is none of your business, nor should you ridicule any male for being "malambot" or a female for being "too boyish". Sit your ass down.

People be advocating against homophobia, transphobia, and sexism yet still laugh on videos of Bimby, a 14 year old, showing femininity. We're not after the betterment of the society if we keep on getting entertained by homophobia disguised as a crappy ass joke.

Guys, remember the time when people made fun of the 13 yr-old-you because your voice wasn't as firm, you walk differently and you gesticulate dramatically? 

I was like Bimby growing up. And I’ve grown up to hate those who judged me for it. 

I will literally fight anyone who makes kids feel bad about being themselves.

Don't do that to Bimby. We should all know better by now how it affects a kid.

I've personally been there.. and I won't do that to any kid. It still haunts me until this very day, sometimes being cautious about it in public and alone.

Hirap ka ring maging publicly affectionate dahil dito. 

We were deprived of our safe space to discover our identity. Are we going to let that happen to others again?

And if you say everyone goes thru a bit of bullying at that age and he would learn from it, congratulations you're a boomer now.

Bimby’s expression doesn’t define his sexual orientation. Again, expression is independent from gender identity and sexual orientation. 

So what if he acts (in what we perceive as) feminine? It doesn’t make him gay. At hindi ito kabawasan ng pagkalalaki at pagkatao niya.

One’s SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Expression) is none of our business. More importantly, one’s SOGIE must be respected and celebrated. 


Yung tipong these people are the same people na galit na galit pag sinasabihang bakla mga idols nila. Regardless what his sexuality is, it's none of our business anyways. Tapos he is at the stage where he is discovering things about himself.

You all make fun of Bimby just having a great time with his mom, Kris Aquino, while we let toxic men like Gerald run around denying accountability. Gays are really defending Gerald because he’s “Masarap” and at the same time teasing Bimby for being “Malambot”.  

Bimby's sexuality is  not our business. PH gays are the most unaccepting gays .... really.

If you’re gay or part of the LGBT community tas pinagtatawanan mo si Bimby, YOU are part of the problem.

Let me reiterate. Showing femme traits does NOT equate to being gay. Not because malamya siya, or pang-“babae” boses niya, or nakatakip bibig niya pag tatawa siya bakla na kagad siya. I can see some of you bitches calling him “sis” and other gay slang words, nakaka-disappoint kayo.

Y’all the same bitches na galit sa homophobic and sky daddy preachers dahil ayaw sa SOGIE and look at what you’re doing, discriminating a MINOR. TANDAAN, JUST LIKE US BEFORE, NARARANASAN YAN NG KARAMIHAN SA MGA KABATAAN. TAYO DAPAT ANG NANGUNGUNA SA PAG-SIRA NG GANYANG MINDSET.


Yung seryoso, double standards? Hmmm.

Una, walang paternal figure si Bimby sa loob ng bahay. What actions do you expect from a teen that grew up with a very kikay mother and a queer production team? Pangalawa, just because someone is effeminate doesn't mean they're gay. Pangatlo, his sexuality is none of your business.

The Kris Aquinofication of Bimby - "your hands 'wag mong ginaganyan" it's sad, maybe she doesn't want Bimby to get bullied on the internet again ... but it's still sad.

I also felt a pang of pain when she told Bimby that. We know Kris is a great ally and she would respect whatever decision her son would make about his life, but her natural instinct is to protect him from all the backwardness, hatred, and bigotry we call "society".

Lakompake with everyone's opinion about Bimby. I am just very happy na he's comfortably sassy in front of his family and even sa camera.

I was bullied as a child dahil di ako masculine so seeing boys being happy with getting dolls as a gift and Bimby being himself makes me happy.

Sobrang aliw ako sa relationship nya with his mom, na parang BFFs lang sila. Sobrang rare kasi ng ganoon. Parang ikinaangat nila sa lipunan yung pagbitaw ng homophobic remarks.

Regardless kung gawin man siyang gawin joke ng iba or meme, knowing their families support them for their likes & personality gives me peace kasi they have a core that loves them. Kung mag-aanak kayo, dapat ganyan. If hindi ninyo kaya yang basic parenting na yan, mag condom kayo please.

Mahaba-haba pa talaga ang lalakbayin ng Pilipinas sa usaping SOGIE. Akala mo may improvement na sa surge ng BL sa market pero it's still the same plus internal homophobia against effeminate guys within the community.

Stressful talaga maging bakla sa Pilipinas. They've been fighting for their basic rights for the longest time yet some can't even perform basic human decency. "Respect" is rare.

It’s sad to think that some of us only support the gay community when it’s just convenient. Mga BL fans kunyari pero big deal naman sa kanila ‘yong feminine gestures ni Bimby. Leave the child alone and let him act the way he wants to. Fuck*ng posers.

I mean for the gays out there who did experience childhood trauma from bullying because of being effeminate, funny ba talagang kantyawan si Bimby?

Let's all remember that we're all imperfect, so who are we to judge? 

At the end of the day, Gerald and Julia are happy in a relationship, and Bimby still lives more comfortably than all of us.

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