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Pros and Cons of Fabric Materials for Bed Sheets

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People spend a considerable amount of time when it comes to choosing the pillows and mattresses, but when it comes to the bedsheets, they buy at once without having a second thought.

Due to which they end up with inappropriate and uncomfortable bedding irrespective of a premium quality mattress and luxurious pillows. Bed sheets require an equal or even more attention because, like other bedding elements, they come directly in contact with the body & contribute to how you feel on the bed.

In this article, we have rounded up the pros & cons of various fabric materials used for making bed sheets to help you get familiar with each & choose what suits you the best, next time you shop. 

Upland Cotton

This is grown in most of the world and considered a standard quality material for bed sheets. It does not offer softness and durability like Egyptian or Pima cotton but still ranks as a comfortable bedding option at affordable rates.


        It has medium length fibers, which results in quite durable sheets but less than Egyptian cotton.

        Upland cotton is significantly cheaper when compared with other cotton beddings and readily accessible as well.

        It is machine washable.

        It is soft, comfortable, and breathable.


        Being made from short fibers, it is very likely to pill after a few washes. Moreover, it is less durable.

        The fabric will become coarse over time and require frequent replacements.

Egyptian cotton

It is considered as the king of cotton and ranked as the premium quality bedding fabrics ever. It is grown in some specific parts of the world where the climate is warm. Moreover, it is handpicked and has long fibers, which make it softer and flexible. Egyptian cotton is considered a luxurious reading material and requires a large budget as well. It is surprisingly smooth and durable.


        Egyptian cotton is softer, more reliable, more flexible, and moisture-absorbent than any cotton material.

        It has a porous texture, which makes it exceptionally breathable and comfortable. This feature makes it suitable for the warm sleepers as well and helps them sleep comfortably, keeping their body dry and at moderate temperature.

        It is a luxurious material and offers a very low level of maintenance. It becomes softer with each wash and is very unlikely to pill or rip.

        It is handpicked and offers a high level of purity and organicity.


        The primary thing that holds that people from buying Egyptian cotton is its cost. As compared to any bedding fabric option, cotton is the most expensive one. All the Egyptian cotton sheets start from $150 above.

        As it is expensive, some manufacturers do not use pure fibers instead use blends of adoption and other cotton fibers.


This is a thermoregulating material and made from cotton, wool, and others. While manufacturing, it is brushed on both sides, which makes it softer, cozier, and denser. Moreover, it traps the heat from the body and brings it to a normal temperature.


        It is warm and the best go-to choice for winter bed sheets. It draws heat from the body and keeps you warm throughout the night.

        It is soft, comfortable, and durable.

        Flannel is available at affordable prices and readily accessible.


        It is too heavy to use in the summer for most of the year in plain areas.

        Moreover, the fabric material has a coarse and dense nature, which makes it less breathable and a no to choice for those suffering from any skin or respiratory disorders.


Silk falls under the category of naturally soft and luxurious materials. No matter if you go for high quality for standard silk bedding, they always offer you comfort and softness. Being obtained from natural sources, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for all age groups and even asthmatic or hypoallergenic people.


        It is exceptionally soft and comfortable—the silk office is the most luxurious betting ever.

        It is naturally hypoallergenic and offers many benefits to skin and hair as well. Such as moisturizing the skin and making the hair smooth and healthy.

        It absorbs the body moisture


·        Silk is costly & requires dry cleaning.                                       

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