Friday, August 14, 2020

DepEd Does Not Hear the Call for an Academic Freeze, Instead Follows President's Order to Move Opening of Classes to October 5

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Sec. Leonor Briones announced that
DepEd is moving the school opening to October 5 from August 24.

Briones said "We will now implement such decision to defer school opening to Oct 5 pursuant to RA  11480. It will be recalled that the law specifically states that the President can decide on the opening of school classes upon recommendation of DepEd secretary."

"We hope that this will be the final adjustment of the school opening. We look forward to a much prepared opening of classes."

"We trust that this is the final schedule of school opening."

Instead of moving it, why don't you just cancel the whole school year?

The Philippine government doesn’t know the meaning of #AcademicFreeze, just like mass testing lmao

Ang inorder namin: #AcademicFreeze

Pero ang dumating: "DepEd moves school opening to October 5 from August 24, Sec. Leonor Briones announced"

It didnt have to take this long for Briones to realize.

DepEd really needs to have a Secretary who realistically became a Public School Teacher or became part of the Public School sys. Someone who really knows the plight of the teachers and the needs of the students.

Most of these officials are not having internet, financial and transportation problems. In the end they are not the one who will be affected on the outcome of this problems. These officials will stay rich no matter what will happen.

Is it really that hard to admit that we are all not ready? Don't make education possible only for privileged people.

Academic freeze is a MUST.
It's not just what we WANT.
It's what we NEED.

Some private schools have started their online classes, but I would say #academicfreeze because online class is not effective. It's more tiring than face-to-face classes.

I'm so proud to those students who are also in favor sa #academicfreeze despite of having a stable internet connection at complete sa needs for online class kasi they all know na not everyone has the same good situation as them. Thank you for considering the struggles of the majority.

Yes to #AcademicFreeze, Yes we have stable connection, Yes we have access on wifi. But what about those students who can't afford load? Those parents who can't afford wifi connection for their children? na imbis na ipangkain nalang nila sa araw araw, ipang babayad pa nila sa wifi.

This modules, mga parents ang kukuha ng module and sila din ang magpapasa, seriously? It's risky. Hindi natin alam if safe na lumabas ngayon, because the virus is widely spread 120k+ covid cases. Please we need academic freeze. The school and the students can wait. Our safety and heath must prioritized.

For those private schools na wala pa ding binabawas sa tuition ng mga students, like hello??? Pandemic exists, covid exists. Hindi lahat ng trabaho ngayon maganda ang takbo.

I just dont get it. What’s the purpose of moving the opening of classes? Are we expecting na on Oct 5, all students will have a stable internet connection? Enough educational resources? Na pag gising natin sa Oct 5, lahat na tayo may laptop?

Students struggling to get gadgets for online classes fall victim to abuse and sexual exploitation. There are also reports that students allegedly sell nude photos to earn for online classes.

Academic freeze is possibly the best solution to our problem right since it is very unfair for those who aren't able to go to school and for those who don't have the means to support their children financially for this school year.

Even the most privileged of students want academic freeze not for convenience’s sake, but because they stand by their belief that no one should be left behind. Even if everyone were privileged enough, not all homes are conducive for learning.

DepEd knows well that this has been a concern since June but no actions were made instead they make excuses just to justify that education is a must. Yes it is but we are in a middle of a pandemic. A PANDEMIC I think you all know better what a PANDEMIC is.

DepEd states blended learning is existing already even in 1940s.

In the midst of exponential technological advancements, we are nailed in a 1940-kind of education, brought to us by a 79-year old secretary of education.

Still, the best solution is #AcademicFreezeNOW.

By the way, college students are handled by CHED, so it means they have regular classes?


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