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Reasons Men Date Trans Women

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Why do men date trans women? For people who are not attracted to trans women, this can be a mystery.

Cis men often face a lot of stigma against dating trans women. In fact, in some cases, the cis men get more criticism than the trans women they date. Some people think these men are sexual deviants who fetishize trans women. 

Others even go as far as to say that cis men who date trans women are gay because trans women will always be men. This stigma persists because of a lack of insight into why men want to date trans women.

Below are a few reasons men choose to date trans women. Hopefully, these reasons will help people understand both the men and the trans women they’re dating.

They don’t care about the stigma.

Ideally, when a man and a trans woman are attracted to each other and form a loving relationship, that’s all that matters. However, there’s more to a healthy relationship than just genuinely loving each other. 

Outside of the two of them, other people will also be involved. The men know all too well that his friends and family might not be as accepting of their girlfriend as he is.

However, thankfully, there are men who simply don’t care. They know who they love and they are willing to defend her. They don’t care what other people think as long as they know that their love is real and that they’re not hurting anyone.

Dating a trans person comes with quite a lot of downsides. But trans women can find men who will accept and love them through all the challenges they’ll face.

They fetishize trans women.

We all have our little kinks and fetishes. Usually, it’s something relatively vanilla like spanking or bondage. However, there are some men who seek out transgender women simply to experience a different type of sexual encounter. They see trans women not as women but as sex objects that they can enjoy. They want to know what it’s like to sleep with a trans woman, so they enter into a relationship for the purpose of finding out what it’s like.

This behavior is disgusting and dehumanizing to trans women. Thankfully, a lot of trans women are aware of this and they know which men to avoid. 

However, young or naïve trans women can’t tell the difference between a man who’s attracted to them as a person or a man who’s only in it for the “experience.” One big glaring sign that a man is looking to fetishize a trans woman is when he doesn’t engage with them as people—it’s always just about sex.

They date trans women as a trophy.

On the opposite side of the argument are men who see trans women as some sort of “badge of pride.” They are attracted to trans women, but when they date trans women, they do so to show off. 

These men want to showcase the fact that they are progressive and open-minded. So what better way to show how accepting they are than by having a trophy trans girlfriend?

These men (often called “trans amorous”)are not genuinely attracted to the trans woman they’re dating. Instead, they’re attracted to the prestige of dating their token trans woman. They want compliments about how progressive they are and how strong they are to date trans women when they know all about the stigma associated with it.

However, some trans women prefer to date an open-minded man as opposed to one who sees them as a sexual fetish. They believe that it’s better than being hidden away and kept as a “dirty secret.”

They are attracted to a specific trans woman.

You can’t help who you love, as they say. In many cases, men simply meet a trans woman they find attractive. They get to know her and realize that they can create a wonderful relationship. So the logical thing to do would be to date.

For these men, they don’t focus too much about the fact that they are with a trans woman. They still identify as straight and they see their girlfriend as a woman. To them, this is all that matters—that two people are into one another and being transgender is just one small part of the picture.

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