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SPOILERS AHEAD: Love is Love Movie Features Gays' and Transgenders' Difficulty in Finding True Love

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Trannies, or more politically correctly called as transgenders, have made so much effort to transform themselves thinking men will truly love them.

But love could not be forced especially when you lie, cheat and hide your true self.

Love is Love shows us how difficult it is for gays and transgenders to find real love.

The main character has resorted to cheating his way to the heart of his best friend but ended up regretful at the end, never winning his heart.

The movie showed us how reality truly hurts.

The movie Love is Love would seem to be capitalizing on the popular LGBT issues ...Well, it does, but it does not put them on the limelight.

It shows real life circumstances of how difficult it is for a gay person, regardless how he has physically been transformed to look like a real woman (transgender).

The movie emphasized on the fact that gays and transgenders may have been accepted as part of society, but they cannot really force themselves for us to love them as real women especially if they deceive - lie, cheat, manipulate.

Physical appearance may attract at first, but after knowing the real you, everything would eventually collapse.

Love is Love the movie of RKB Productions tells us how love should not be forced. That love should be allowed freedom to find us instead.

Lead casts JC De Vera and Roxanne Barcelo with Direct GB Sampedro

Supporting casts Raymond Bagatsing, Rufa Mae Quinto, Marco Alcaraz and Neil Coleta

Also with Keanna Reeves and Imelda Schweighart

With Mr. Fu as host

Not at the red carpet Premier is Johnny Revilla, who plays JC De Vera's dad

We were at the Red Carpet Premier of Love is Love on December 3 at Trinoma Cinema 7.

The movie is showing on December 4 nationwide.

The movie revolves around gays and transgenders, and their struggles in finding the right partner who will accept them for what they are.

The story leaves them with unhappy endings pointing out that no matter how much they make an effort to even transform themselves, you simply cannot force love that was never meant to be...and personally I believe that it will never work because the balance of nature will never allow such irregularities to persist.

The movie emphasized how even the modern times of open acceptance of LGBTs could not totally change the mindset of both crooked and straight people. Love may have no boundaries but it still could not conquer all.

JC De Vera's character kept his morality intact, while Roxanne Barcelo's character was totally regretful she had to resort to deceitful actions.

Neil Coleta's character has made tremendous efforts to be accepted, but none has worked out.

Rufa Mae Quinto's character could also not get the man even after so many changes in her physical appearance.

Raymond Bagatsing's character is another kind of gay who was grateful to be accepted but still   suffered at the end, yet still believing he lived a life being loved by a man who once hated gays but eventually took his own life due to depression

Marco Alcaraz's character, looking like a real man but actually gay within, and just like Rufa's character, only serves as a loyal friend (and just to add humor) in this movie.

Honestly, we predicted the revelation at the first minutes of the movie - that moment when "Anton" was supposed to pick-up his best friend "Wacko" at the airport, but only to end up with "Winona", his best friend's fiance.

But was surprised with the not so typical ending.

At certain moments when you thought you reached the end of the story, more scenes continued to show more revelations leading to a surprising conclusion.

Kudos to the writer, director and production for coming up with this movie that doesn't really elevate transgenders or gays as totally accepted but merely welcomed as part of society.

Those who were born as men, no matter how they alter their appearance will never be really loved if their character is still flawed.

They are deemed not enough or fit to replace real women if they could not be honest with themselves and others.

Love is Love, regardless of gender. But never force it. Never fake it. Just let love find a way towards the real you ... to make it as real as it could be.

Should you watch the movie?

Yes, it is highly recommended for all the LGBT communities out there so they will be enlightened.

And even for all the so called "straights" so they will realize they should not be forced to accept  the confused genders.

We seemed to have welcomed the LGBT community as part of society, but it does not mean they can fully replace real men and women especially when they could not even fully accept their own selves.

Transforming themselves physically may deceive, but it doesn't change the truth. Living a lie does not fully work. You will still end up not getting what you really want.

This is reality. The life that gays and transgenders are living is nothing but a fantasy where everything could be as fake as their transformed appearance.

Sadly, only fellow gays and transgenders will fully accept and understand their kind. Others are mostly just faking it.

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