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Top 6 Reasons to Visit Japan

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Japan is a country that has some of the most beautiful destinations in Asia. The perfect blend of modern and ancient culture makes it an attractive place for tourists. The amazing food, natural landscapes and dazzling landmarks are attracting a large number of tourists. Sight-seeing adventures, historical sites, cultural spots, and other exciting activities will make your trip unforgettable and truly enjoyable. Here is a rundown of a few reasons why you should visit Japan and discover more when you actually visit the country.

Stunning Temples and Shrines:

Shinto shrines and ancient Buddhist temples are amazing destinations to visit in Japan. The city of Kyoto has the best-preserved Buddhist temples and Shrines within the Kansai region. Eight Unesco Heritage sites are present in Nara, and some of the best temples are in Nara prefecture.

Amazing Natural Landscapes:

Amazing landscapes spread across the country for you to soak in their beauty. Urban landscapes of japan as world-famous but there is much more to the country. Arshimaya Bamboo forest and Mount Fuji are worth watching. Japan is filled with spectacle rugged mountains, and magnificent sights of natural landscapes are ideal spots for nature lovers.

Urban Landscapes:

Tokyo Tower and Skytree located in Tokyo are amazing city observatories to view the distinct cityscape from above. These spots are perfect for escaping the bustle of the city and enjoy the colourful urban landscape view from the top. This vibrantly buzzing city holds a range of exciting attractions for tourists like Disneyland, markets, temples, and so many other places to explore. Tourists will be able to obtain Japan VISA electronically by 2020.

Mouth-Watering Japanese Cuisine:

Japanese cuisine is the home to many world-famous dishes like sushi, sashimi, Ramen, Soup, Udon, Kobe Beef, you name it. These dished originated from Japanese cuisine, and every restaurant out there makes the best traditional Japanese dishes. Japanese food is full of delightful flavors to please your sense of sight, smell, and taste.

Enjoy Sakura Bloom:

Do not miss the million-dollar view of Sakura bloom in spring. Enjoy picnicking under the snowy white trees. People like to enjoy Hanami parties in japan. Sakura blossoms last for two to three weeks, so visit Japan in spring if you want to experience the magical moment.

Efficient Transportation System:

Multiple means of transportation make it easy to get around while enjoying the travelling time. There are trains, buses, ferry boats and trains. It’s easy to get from one place to another in big cities as they are covered with rail lines from end to end. Roads are full of buses and taxis so it’s easy to quickly find one that’s going your way. Visitors can save more than 70 percent on the regular fares of trains by buying a rail pass.

It's easy to find transportation in small towns too. The world-famous Bullet Train consists of a system of 250 trains that are super speedy and connect big cities of the country. Trains in Japan are famous for being safe, clean, and punctual. Hence, you can travel around the country safely and easliy at a reasonable cost.

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