Monday, October 14, 2019

Have There Been Any New Rules Concerning Driving, Introduced This Year?

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With everything happening in the EU in the last couple of years, there have been many changes regarding the driving and traffic rules. Other than all having some effect on the UK, these laws are going to see some changes as the year and the process of Brexit progresses. They are mainly relating to climate change, changes in administration because of Brexit, and technological developments incars.

What are some of the changes on an administrative front?

Depending on the deal made by the UK, there are changes in the current documents and paperwork in the UK. People holding licences registered in the UK have to purchase new ones if they are planning on driving in the EU. They would have to apply and going through the entire processagain. Secondly, vehicles that went through the MOT test wouldn't be valid in the EU and would have to get re-examined.

Furthermore, driving in these parts would need insurance that covers them. This might not be an issue for most, however, if the current insurance company being worked with doesn’t, it might make sense to find one that does.

The amounts being paid for taxes on vehicles are also being revised. Furthermore, other prices and details of licences and permits are being worked on but would be revised as well.

On an environmental front, these are some of the changes in the works.

Some areas are working on ideas on how to reduce pollution and to get this done are considering banning vehicles older than a specific number of years. Certain vehicles would be banned from specific locations if the rule passes but it would only happen by 2020 at the earliest. 

There are penalties for using cars older than a specific number of years.

Are there any changes being made on an MOT front?

The labels used when reviewing cars have been revised. They now account for cars and the various stages of the process that they have been brought into the inspection. Certain labels are used when mentioning cars that won't clear the MOT test but would have to reapply. Labels like ‘dangerous’ and ‘major’ mean that specific issues need to be solved immediately. While the rest implies that the car will pass the MOT but would have to be given in for repairs at the soonest. ‘Minor’ and ‘advisory’ would mean that the vehicle needs some work done but would pass the test since it is not threatening.

Post multiple conversations about the MOT being outdated, the test finally has some new checks that have been added. They added under-inflated tyres, contaminated brake fluid, brake pad warning lights and missing brake pads or discs to the list. Although these are often taken for granted, they are quite significant. Additionally, they have added, reversing lights and daytime running lights for the newer versions of vehicles. There are older vehicles that might not have these features and those are going to be addressed soon as well.

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