Sunday, September 8, 2019

Why You Must Stop Hiring Celebrity Endorsers

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The disadvantage of regular bloggers/vloggers with celebrity bloggers/vloggers? They have the funds to have top gadgets, they can hire other people to edit or improve their works ,(photo, video, music), or do almost everything for them. They could even pay to boost their posts and engagements.
In short, celebrities do not mostly do the actual.job but they get away with it.

The advantage? Regular bloggers are more truthful. Celebrities mostly fake it. They exaggerate, and twist their stories to make their clients look good. Just like the morning shows where everywhere they go, and everything they ate are all good and none had any negative traits.

Real bloggers/vloggers would squeeze the truth out of the persons they are interviewing, and their features would normally be their personal efforts...not done by a Personal Assistant or boosted by a Social Media Manager.

One time there was this female celebrity who didn't even know the proper usage of a product she was endorsing. She was making a mess with her claims during the media launch. It had to take a press release a few days after to correct her claims.

This was because celebrities usually accept endorsement jobs because they either get paid and/or pampered with products or services, and other perks that ordinary bloggrrs/vlogger wouldn't normally receive. They would accept every opportunity that comes their way, regardless if they are a patron of the brand or not.

Along with many irregularities like recruiting an already white complexioned individual to endorse a whitening soap, a fit and slim guy to endorse donuts, a rich dude to endorse canned sardines, etc., getting celebrities as endorsers makes you unbelievable that people will just find you hilarious.

There would still be the ever so gullible fans, but those stupid enough to believe are mostly those unable to buy the products or services on a regular basis. and the fans get financed to keep followers at bay especially when wanting to have a viral or trending post. Yup, celebrities usually have a "call center" setup that gather together to make it appear the celebrity is popular.

This is why smart advertisers hire new faces to  stsr in their ads or commercials. They are more relatable because you don't imagine the celebrity from her previous stints in a TV series or movie. You identify yourself with the new and more convincing face.

I know many are still gullible, but the learned upper class will find you offensive to their intelligence if you keep using celebrity endorsers just to capitalize on their popularity rather than confidently putting out the strengths of your brand to get attention.

A good product does not need a celebrity endorser who is only after the money and not sincerely advocating for the superiority of your brand.

Just as nrands would quickly drop a celebrity if they become too inappropriate to the image they are trying to project, celebrity endorsers would always go for the highest talent fee offer.

Trabaho lang at walang personalan.

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