Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Snowriffic Tea Offers Very Affordable Franchising Packages

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If their brand name seems familiar, it is because they used to just go with the name of Snowriffic, with flavored shaved ice as their original product.

But now that milk teas has become more popular, they decided to add the word "tea" in their brand name to give people the idea that they do serve the popular Taiwan-originating drink that has been the drink craze nationwide.

But Snowriffic Tea is more than just the two mentioned food products, they have gone beyond just a milk tea brand by offering a variety of drinks - from fruit teas, detox drinks, milkshakes, coffee, choco, and even food like nachos, fries, burgers, and also the "silog" meals with choices of tapa, corned beef, pork steak, imbutido, spam, hotdog, and a lot more. Thus, there is a possibility that they would still offer more on their menu.

Please do note that they source their milk tea ingredients from similar sources were some top brands get theirs. Thus guaranteeing that you get quality milk teas too comparably competitive to others.

And the othet great news is they are open for franchising. In an interview with JC Valdepenas, co-owner of Snowriffic Tea, they have a franchising package a little lower than P30K.

While other franchising packages reaches from P500 to a million or more, theur highest complete franchizing package is only up to a little less than P150k, and to even make it more affordable, these rates are open to installment basis. That is probably why their branches have grown to more than 40 already, because these figures are probably the lowest in the same industry.

To review the food and drinks, I've only managed to try their imbutido silog meal (that cones with two fried eggs). I coildn't eat more since I came from.a lunch buffet where I splurged on mostly tiger prawns and roast beef buffet, among others.

I also got too full from two of their drinks, a Brown Sugar milk tea and the Avocado Milkshake, and true enough both are distinctively extra creamy in taste, unlike the other brands that are just like any other milk teas or milkshakes around.

I was more than satisfied with what I had, but can't wait to get back to try the other dishes and drinks.

The branch we visited on the night of a Friday the 13th was the one in Filmore, Makati. The ambiance is what millennials often crave to hang out because the interiors offer a cool but classy vibe perfect for Instagram addicts.

You'll be proud to share your photos on social media because the place may be a bit small yet full of exquisite spots for selfies and trinkets you could use on your flatlays.

The owner also has other businesses under the Maximum.Alliance Group (MAG) including a spa nearby their restaurant. But it is best to visit the spa first before heading to the resto to indulge on some milk tea. They also have a perfume line called De Sillage that cones in many scents, but that's another story too.

And before I forget, just like softdrinks, milk teas also has a lot of sugar so be sure to hold on it or reduce to a percentage that is still safe for consumption to avoid diabetes and obesity.

To sum it all up, Snowriffic could be the best options for entrepreneurs or OFWs who are looking for the right but affordable business venture. Their franchising packsges do not break the bank or takes away all yout savings so you could probably invest the othet portion of your hard-earned money on other opportunities.

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