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How to Dress Luxury after 50 Years

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With age, any woman already has a well-established idea of ​​her own style - in clothes, makeup, hair, rhythm and quality of life, finally. But many, having crossed this glorious frontier, think about changing their image, and each of us has his own reasons. How to dress after 50 years?

For a woman after 50 years old, it is quite natural to desire to attract attention to herself and, most importantly, to like herself. What is so surprising? So, here are 10 small female fashion advice to help you look perfect even after 50.

Don’t go Extreme:

The most important and important rule that many women violate with sad regularity is to go to extremes. This means that one puts on a short top with the image of Mickey Mouse, and the other - grandma's gray skirt to the floor. Know the measure: short shiny shorts will not make you younger, and an old lady's blouse will only aggravate the situation. The right decision is elegant silhouettes, classic styles and the absence of strange decor elements.

What to Show & What to Hide?

It is natural that your figure is not as taut as 20 years ago. This does not need to be afraid, because of this, you do not need to be upset. Just learn to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. Do you have beautiful calves or an attractive neckline? Wear knee-length skirts and V-neck blouses.

Wear Shapeless Clothes:

Returning to the question of a beautiful and elegant silhouette. Forget about hoodies, strange stretched sweaters, insanely wide trousers. Only size to size and only semi-fitted things (but not tight!)

Comfortable Clothes:

Still, it's time to forget about the very narrow skirts, heels of 15 cm and sliding jeans. Wear something that will be comfortable for you (this is not a tracksuit!). Clothing should not constrain, compress or constrain movements. Remember once and for all: the outfit should sit on the figure.

Remember the Heels:

Does heel shoes lie in the closet and “walk” only on solemn occasions? This is the wrong approach to business. Just buy at least one pair of really comfortable and stable mid-heeled boats.

Ignore Heavy Jewelry:

Another extreme, in which sometimes women fall into age. To wear many, many expensive jewelry at the same time and turn into a Christmas tree. We understand that jewelry is an indicator of wealth and luxury, but nevertheless it is better to stick to modest accessories for everyday style. At least without diamonds of 20 carats.

Be Simple and Elegant:

Let's leave the experiments with trends for young girls, okay? Eternal classic is what a beautiful woman after 50 needs. Fitted pants, a feminine blouse, a stylish jacket will never go out of style. As they say, simply and with taste.

Wear Stylish Coat:

Have you bought a cool fitted coat of a gentle shade? Pick up ankle boots for him and consider that you are ready for spring and autumn. Forget black or gray and don't be afraid to get dirty - a light coat will make your look great.

Wear Attractive Colors:

First of all, you need to understand what colors suit you. Perhaps you had enough time to figure it out. For example, pale blue instantly makes you younger and more attractive, and yellow is strictly forbidden. From this and build on. Meanwhile, if you are a little over 50, stylists recommend paying attention to light pastel shades: beige, ivory, brown, white, gray.

Carry Small Handbags:

Try to avoid large knapsacks that look more like grocery bags. Carry clutches or neat, medium sized handbags - they will never spoil your elegant look.

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