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How Drones Are Changing the World

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Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are flying robots that contain sensors and
actuators that are suitable for the mission that the drone is designed for “flying + other things such as mapping, capturing images, or delivering goods”.

Drones have been used by military and civilian sectors for various purposes and to achieve various goals, from scanning and building maps of the surface of the earth to delivering goods and taking pictures of real estate properties, drones are being used everywhere for every kind of purpose. And these are the current uses of drones and it’s yet to expand and take more rules as the technology advances.

So let’s dive in and find out how drones can be used in the future

What are the future uses of drones:

- Photography
Capturing images from a bird’s eye view was always a dream for photographers and now it can be a reality, with drones equipped with suitable equipment for the job now photographers can gain access to a new angle that they can capture their images from.

Drones have allowed photographers to do what they have always been dreaming “to capture images from the sky” now they can enjoy the fun of flying a drone and at the same time capture the images from new angles that they never could capture from before.

Drones can also be used for real estate photography which is a whole different story, allowing homeowners to take pictures of their houses from a wide angle that demonstrates the house and its view.

- Farming
Drones participating in improving the farming sector is huge, drones can help farmers scan the crops for diseases and illnesses so instead of spraying pesticide on the whole crop you can only spray it on the damaged parts of the crops reducing the amounts needed to produce a healthy harvest.

Drones can also help in watering the crops allowing the deployment of smart watering
techniques that is efficient and doesn’t waste water on areas that doesn’t need watering,

So using drones will allow farmers to save water and pesticide which can help reduce the costs of producing harvest and growing crops.

- Expanding Internet Access
Using solar powered drones companies such as google and facebook hope to expand the internet range into urban areas where they’ve never had internet before. Solar powered drones allow this dream to become a reality sense they’re self reliant and can fly for hours without the need to be recharged because they are “solar powered” which means they’ve a mechanism of transferring solar power into electricity to power the drones.

- Military Defense
Drones uses can be categorized into three main categories: dull, dirty, dangerous.
Using drones for military purposes belongs to the dangerous category, so instead of risking the pilots life in risky missions a drone can complete the task and accomplish the mission.

- Weather Forecasting
Drones can also be used for weather forecasting, by flying them into areas that are hard for us to reach and constantly collecting data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed and feeding it back to ground stations that has weather forecasting models that can accurately predict weather.

In case of a drone sensing some sort of a disaster such as a hurricane that drone can call for more drones to come this area and feedback more data to the ground stations about the hurricane so it could be accurately studied and analyzed so we can minimize the losses as possible.

- Disaster relief
Drones can be really helpful in providing aids and support in areas that have been hit by a disaster. Navigating through damaged areas searching for people to rescue and supplying aids to the people who need it, drones can be really handy in these situations and can allow us to reach places that we couldn’t before.

That was just a glimpse of what drones could do, when it comes to the future uses of drones truly sky is the limit. Expanding internet access, rescuing people in disasters, forecasting the weather, we are just scratching what the potential truly is.

Drones are one of the best inventions of human history and I am excited to live in a future where drones take its place.

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