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7 Philippine Folktales, Stories and Legends for Kids

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Philippines has a lot of indigenous tribe. Therefore, our country is rich with Filipino folklore stories. There are many Filipino folktales and famous Philippine legends that have been told throughout the years and have been taught in Philippine literature.

1. The Monkey and the Turtle

The Monkey and the Turtle is a perfect example of folktale short story written by Philippine national hero Jose Rizal. The story focuses on the monkey and turtle who started as friends. They both saw a floating banana plant on the water. They thought of splitting it so they could plan it. The monkey chose the upper part of the plant for he thought it was better. Meanwhile, the turtle got the bottom part with the roots so he grew an abundant plant. Since the turtle couldn’t climb the tree to get the fruits, he asked the monkey to get it for him. Instead, the monkey betrayed the turtle and ate every fruit. The turtle planned a revenge to him which ended to the monkey’s death. The friends of the monkey also planned a revenge but they did not win over the turtle.

2. Why the Fish has Scales

The Girl Who Turned into a Fish and Other Classic Philippine Water Tales as narrated by Maria Elena Paterno. This Filipino folktale talks about a beautiful girl who grew up being vain and spoiled. She was admiring her beauty by the river when the chief of crabs adored her beauty and spoke to her. She was shocked and shoved away the crab. In return, the chief scratched her face and cursed her to become a fish with many scales.

3. The Story of Piña

Why the Piña has a Hundred Eyes as narrated by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz depicts the folktale about Pinang, an adorable yet lazy girl. The time came when her mother asked her to cook which she ignored at first. When she finally agreed to do it, she could not find the ladle. Her frustrated mother hoped that Pinang could grow hundred eyes for being lazy and so that she could find everything. Later on, Pinang disappeared and then a yellow fruit with hundred eyes grew in their backyard.

4. Mother Mountain

The Mother Mountain talks about a widow who lived with her two daughters that want nothing but to play. The mother asked her daughters to prepare their dinner as soon as she finishes work. By the time the mother came home, the daughters were not there so she cooked the dinner herself. As soon as the daughters came home, they saw their mother preparing dinner and yet decided to play again. The mother got frustrated and left the house. It was late night and the daughters followed her. Little do they know that their mother turned into a shape of mountain called Mt. Iraya.

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