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How to Select Right Data Entry Outsourcing Company

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Digitization or Data Entry and Data Conversion are undoubtedly flourishing on high end. Whether it is a technology expert or a senior executive with a company, everyone is looking for a key solution to this digital transformation. Since this is an era of gadgets and technology, it is becoming an utmost requirement for any company to get their data digitized electronically and also to keep it in a movable as well as easily perusable format.

Outsourcing this digitization/data conversion service will definitely escalate the productivity of a company since it would save your time to use for core production. While you decide to outsource, it is equally important to select the right service provider and this does not require any expertise. In order to outsource your Data Entry work, there are a few knowhow that must be checked with a service provider:

1. Experience

2. Productivity

3. Accuracy

4. Commitment to Timeframe

5. Infrastructure

6. Client Relationship

7. Liability for Data Security

8. Transparency

9. Flexibility

1. Make sure your Outsourcing Partner has got experience working for relative campaigns or similar projects. Under such circumstances it would be easier for you to explain your requirements to the Outsourcing Partner and similarly there will be higher rates of accuracy in their work.

2. Productivity plays a key role when defining both accuracy and committed timeframe for you project. Your Outsourcing Partner should be ready to give you a Sample Test Run for your project since it will give you an exact idea on their work accuracy, their productivity and both within a particular timeframe. Accordingly you can expect your desired output within your budget and a fixed lapse of time.

3. Accuracy has to be committed from the beginning and an Outsourcing Partner who will mention their accuracy levels within the Service Agreement has to be trusted more than those who stay more verbal. Generally 99% accuracy is a standard expectation and this should be defined by your Outsourcing Partner within the Service Agreement.

4. Timeframe as discussed above should be defined right from the beginning whilst selecting an appropriate data entry specialist.

Make sure to visit your preferred Outsourcing Partner to check on their Infrastructure. Infrastructure plays a key role when your project is counted for accuracy and Quality. Also the Timeframe is relative to the facilities that your outsourcing partner is rendering to their employees; and this again makes core Infrastructure. In case of Offshore Outsourcing Partner, you can also have a conference call meeting proposed in the beginning to check on their Infrastructure as well as their facilities and availabilities of latest technology and services.

Before selecting your Outsourcing Partner you should check on their urge of maintaining Client Relationship, irrelevant to either the deal is closed or not. This proves that your Outsourcing Partner has got a wonderful PR and this would directly affect your product in future. A good PR and Client Co ordination is very important for your partner to maintain your corporate image in market.

Data Security and your product reliability is very important aspect. A well versed and competent Outsourcing Partner will give you the best solidness for your company Data weather it is online or offline or if it is stored for your future perusal. Since you trust someone for your company’s information that may be sensitive and valuable, you should make sure that the Data Security relative liabilities are kept transparent with you before you enter in any agreement with your Outsourcing Partner.

Transparency in work and commitments is very important for you to check with your Outsourcing Partner. The more your selected partner is keeping transparency in their processes and fidelity, more is the assurance of your partner to be loyal.

When you are selecting an offshore Outsourcing Partner, always prefer the one who have a dedicated team that would work for you on your time zone. This not only gives you the best replacement for your in house employee but will also make you communication with your partner much smoother and quicker whiles your ongoing process. This, in response, will increase productivity and will lessen the chances of errors.

Once you have selected a well judged Outsourcing Partner for your Data entry work, you are confirmed of making your business more productive.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Nancy Anderson is a Content Creator at EDatamine, a premium Offshore Data Entry Company, provides offline/online data entry services, data conversion services, data processing services, web research services, graphic design services, SEO services and solutions as per client needs.

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