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Planning a Holiday To Philippines? Incorporate a Visit to Calauit Safari Park – A Great Safari Experience

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When the word Safari is mentioned, most people only think of an African Safari adventure mainly due to the African jungle and the abundance of wildlife choice available for sighting in the African bush. However, unknown to many, Philippines is home to Calauit Safari Park that is located in the Calauit Island which is part of the Calamin Islands chain.

If you are planning to have a holiday in Philippines, then you seriously need to consider making a visit to Calauit Safari Park. The park was established in the year 1976 after H.E. President Kenyatta (Then President of the Republic of Kenya) made a request to other countries to help in protecting African wildlife that was threatened by the war and drought.

The Government of Philippines opted for Calauit Island due to the fact that it was ideally located and had vegetation, size, and terrain that was ideal for the wildlife park. The tribes that resided in the island were thus relocated so that they could make way for 8 different species of the African wildlife.

Wildlife to Spot in Calauit Island
By visiting Calauit Island, you will likely spot the following animals:

Reticulated Giraffe – It is also referred to as Somali Giraffe and it originates from the Horn of Africa. Mainly, this species resides in Northern parts of Kenya, Somalia, and Southern part of Ethiopia.  As of the year 2017, it was reported that there were twenty-seven reticulated giraffes in Calauit safari park.

Grevy’s Zebra – This is usually the largest zebra species. Even though only fifteen zebras had been brought from in to the park, as of the year 2016, it was reported that there were about 34 Grevy’s zebra in the park. The increased population of the Zebra has been attributed to the absence of natural predators in the park.

Philippine Crocodile – At the moment, there are four Philippines crocodiles residing in the park even though there has been attempts to increasing the crocodile population through breeding with success been experienced as some of the eggs that had been laid by the female crocodile were hatched.

The Palawan Bearded Pig – This is one of the endangered pig species. As a result, the management of the park have dedicated a lot of efforts to ensuring that the pigs are safeguarded.

Mousedeer – It is also referred to as Balabac Chevrotain and in Filipino (Philippines native language), it is referred to as Pilandok. The population of the mousedeer in Calauit safari park is more than twenty-two.

Bearcart – This is usually a viverrid native to South and Southeast Asia. It is quite endangered as 30% of its population is reported to have died in the last 30 years. There are a few bearcats in Calauit safari park.

Therefore, if you hoping to visit Philippines anytime soon, you might consider including a visit to Calauit safari park in your itinerary – you definitely will love the experience.

Written by Ray Kiarie. A senior safari consultant at Safari Fellows. Ray has spent much of his time travelling to various safari destinations in East Africa region. When not designing custom safaris, you are likely to find him on a safari with his camera gear as he is in love with wildlife photography.

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