Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Art of Ranting: Let Me Get This Out of My System!

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Ranting, eventhough it is frowned upon by many, is actually an effective stress reliever. It is a way of flushing out everything that's toxic, or those that feel irritating out of our system. We need to voice out our concerns regarding any issue we find disturbing and awfully wrong, otherwise we would be consumed from the inside.

It is actually healthy to open up so our heartaches, or whatever is bothering our minds, could have an outlet to express our emotions and thoughts so we could make more room for something else.

It is actually our call to others to symphatize with us, or an invitation to others to support us during a tough time in our life. We may not realize it, but we are desperately seeking attention to our concerns.

"Note that the whole point of a rant is that you don’t actually need any specialised knowledge in the area, as long as you have an opinion and a strong emotional attachment to the subject, you are ready to rant about it."- Gina Romero

I'm the kind of person who believes that statement above but it only gets my 100% approval if the accussations discussed within the rant are justified and proven to be true.

So, here's my special rant for this particular day and I promise it sums up all my hunches because of so many verified confirmations from reliable sources:

"From a poster, I could quickly guess which events management company told the event organizer about how this online publication does not want to be co-media partners with Wazzup Pilipinas.

This is the same events management company that told her colleague, belonging to the same industry, about the same requirement of the online publication "Never Wazzup Pilipinas as a co-media partner."

Sadly for them, her colleague told me, and is still actively getting my support as a media partner of their events. I pity the events management company because they would rather encourage the dirty deed just to keep the support of a despicable online publication that flaunts their high stats that are actually gained just because they post numerous trashy content designed to bait people for clicks.

I am glad that there are still noble people who would not subject themselves to this oppresive online publication which blatantly resorts to unfair competition practice. They would do dirty deeds just to gain an upperhand in the online media industry. Who knows what else they are doing to gain the numbers.

There has been many reports and personal testimonies with matching screenshots reeking with foul arrogance from this online publication... which makes us wonder why they need to pull us down if they are truly above us, or everyone else for that matter. ...or maybe they're desperately trying to block our way to the top - a status they do not want to share with others because they are too greedy.

With this recent report which mentions the editor-in-chief and founder of the online publication personally demanding that we be removed from the media partner list of an event, we are challenging this spineless wretched being to admit he is indeed the person behind such a gruesome and desperate act, or forever be branded as a coward who eats his own shit for breakfast.

That's what they feed their readers. Shitty rehashed articles grabbed from refurbished viral, trending or controversial trivial stuff that are just dumbing down the masses.

Should we dare him to show up in a debate so we could finally see if he has the guts to defend his actions...or will he likely immediately retreat upon seeing us, just as how he squirmishly retreated when a colleague tried to patch things up between the two of us.

I could swear I saw his face turn bloody red the moment he realized we were setup to see each other that cold but dreary night somewhere at a coffee shop in Makati. The guy who took the initiative to reconcile us got kicked out of their team.

I still remember how they also did a witch-hunt to identify my allies so they could kick them out too. They removed all the articles we wrote that feature stories about the many brands and establishments just to remove every trace of us in their system.

They resort to the easy way out....which entirely why I lost faith in their corrupted system which prioritizes their sponsors instrad of their writers. If you can't be submissive, it's goodbye to you. Not that they kicked me out too because I already stopped writing for them even before they closed their doors to me.

It is so sad they couldn't seem to move on with their lives. Why do they need to drag us out of the picture when we've already made a lasting mark on the online world as the self-proclaimed "Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas."

"Ranting is an art not a science – find your own way to rant that complements your personality.
You may have to find a continuous flow of new audience members for your rants. Networking is a good way to do this, online and offline.
Remember, ranting is not a popularity contest and there’s no such thing as bad publicity." - Gina Romero

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