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Handy Tips to Improve the SERP Ranking of Your Joomla Site

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Webmasters managing Joomla sites need to appreciate the importance of continually tweaking SEO to consistently get better search page rankings in order to get a competitive advantage. Some practical and handy tips that will help to drive more organic traffic:

Ensure Faster Site Loading Speed

Joomla site managers will find it especially helpful to have the cache enabled.

Typically, Joomla pages are presented to the user by fetching components from different places of the site when a page is requested by a visitor. While the process takes a few moments when done the first time, the second time onwards, the page loading becomes faster as the information fetching process can be skipped if the cache is enabled.

Use SEO Plugins designed for Joomla Sites

The advantage of developing a Joomla website is that you can use plugins for virtually every function, including SEO.

According to a tayloright SEO consultant, while you will still have to get the basics of the site architecture and navigation right, you can use the Joomla plugins to identify areas that may be weak and block vulnerabilities that you may have never suspected to have existed. You have a very wide choice of plugins to select from.

Enable URLs That Are Search Engine Friendly

Often even though the page has valuable and original content, the search engine ranking may be less than impressive because Google or any other search engine may not be able to figure out what the URLs mean due to the presence of random codes in them. You can access your site’s Joomla Global Configuration and set it to “Yes” for both “Use URL Rewriting” and “Search Engine Friendly URLs” features.

Select WWW or Non WWW Version of Your Site 

Automatic redirection to a specific “www” version of your website does not happen with Joomla sites as is the custom with WordPress websites. Due to this, a canonical problem is created that has to be corrected manually by you by accessing your .htaccess file. The version you opt for does not matter, however, you need to disable one to eliminate needless confusion and prevent Google penalizing you for duplicate content.

Eliminate 404 Errors

The SEO performance of your Joomla website can be adversely impacted by 404 errors. This is because Google thinks that user experience is negatively impacted due to these errors. While avoiding errors is not feasible, you can go ahead with a 404 page that is aesthetically pleasing and will assist users to find the content that they are looking for. There are quite a few Joomla templates that have built-in 404 pages, however, be sure to review them to make sure that they add the desired value to your website.


When you have taken the trouble of developing and hosting a website there is no point in ignoring SEO as you will just be missing out on the potential traffic and its benefits. When you have a Joomla website, you can take advantage of its many features and third-party tools to boost your SEO.

Author Bio: Jennifer Chase is a Joomla website developer with a passion for blogging on SEO. She has worked closely with tayloright, a leading SEO agency, to tweak sites for optimum online visibility.

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