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Some Smart Instagram Marketing Strategies for Boosting Your Brand

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It is necessary for your business to be active on the social media platforms such as the most popular Instagram that is about to hit one billion MAU very soon. Instagram has achieved a phenomenal growth in the last few years and has become an effective social media marketing platform for reaching more and more customers and potential customers from all corners of the world.

It is essential to boost your Instagram marketing for increasing your following consistently and steadily. Here are some effective and easy marketing tips for growing your brand, get Instagram followers faster and building a robust online presence for free.

Take the Fullest Advantage of All Free Instagram Apps & Tools

Instagram has recently started rolling out exclusively business profiles that look identical to the Facebook business profiles. Instagram for Business profiles come with a contact option and a CTA allowing all Instagram users to call, text, or email the business. Besides, the contact option, all Instagram business profiles would be having easy access to accurate engagement data and impression. You may consider switching over to Instagram for Business account to leverage the platform. The more knowledge you could gather about ways the users are actually interacting with the content you have shared, the better adjustments you could make for improving your customer engagement.

Create a Truly Interactive Hashtag

You must create a truly interactive hashtag for having instantaneous engagement. You must doubly make sure that you are actually using the hashtag in the right manner. The simplest strategy would be to create a hashtag that has been used by consumers to tag pictures of them along with the specific product that they have just bought.

Consider Cross Promoting Instagram Posts

Are you interested in adding new Instagram followers who already know and love your brand? You need to cross promote all your shared posts on Instagram across other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. You could consider inviting them to follow and like your Instagram profile. Since they have already been following you on some other social networking site, they would obviously, be interested in everything you offer.

You simply cannot take it for granted that all your posts would be reaching all users connected to you on the social media. Many of them would be going away from certain social networking sites, some of them may not be that active on certain social media platforms. Anyways, no matter what, you would certainly want all your followers to be effectively engaged and connected to all your social profiles for boosting reach and engagement per post. Cross promotion helps you inform people across various social media sites about your existence on Instagram. You may get in touch with digital marketing experts for getting more Instagram likes.

Interact Effectively with Followers for Boosting Growth

If someone takes the trouble and dedicates his time to like and even comment on your posts, you must mandatorily reply and also, thank them. Even such a simple engagement could be creating a loyal customer base and you could obtain an enthusiastic supporter of your brand. You must consider integrating effective ways to convince your followers to seamlessly interact with all your posts. Just by using posts with a caption such as ‘Tag four of your friends who would like this’, you can immediately create a broader audience for attracting new followers. As they are real, being recommended and introduced via a friend, very little to no resistance is offered. This would be culminating in a number of tagged users beginning to follow your profile.

Repurpose or Recycle Interesting Content from Some Other Relevant Accounts

If you are unable to create adequate content for catering to the increasing requirements of your constantly growing following, you may repurpose fascinating content from any other relevant and useful Instagram accounts. However, do not forget to give the due credit to your original source by simply tagging his profile and even mentioning him cleverly in your caption. Today several applications are available for downloading Instagram images and saving them on your camera roll. So you could effortlessly repost them whenever you need to or wish to. Repurpose content from such accounts that have your desired target audience because many such accounts would be too glad to return your favor. So they would, in turn, repurpose your content once they find that you are sharing their content.

Use Influencer Marketing for a Broader Reach

The most effective and quickest way of reaching potential customers is through influencers that have successfully created their own audience and have an impressive following. Today, we find that more people are actually purchasing products that they come across in their feed from other influential people whom they are following. This is because they rely on them and find them trustworthy. If you are able to partner with an exceptional industry influencer, you could expose your brand to a wider audience.

There is no doubt that Instagram has taken the center-stage in the social media scene. Over 800 million active monthly users hand out billions of likes daily, and the stage is set for you to steal the spotlight with a glorious marketing campaign. You should switch to an Instagram Business Profile to be able to access a number of incredible insights and free tools to chart audience demographics by age or location. You can then proceed to put out product teasers and sponsored ads to reach more people, but try to be approachable instead of aggressive, because this goes a long way in building your impression. Discover the popular influencers in your field and partner with them to leverage their popularity. Also make use of user-generated content via quizzes, contests, and branded hashtags. Learn when to post, and create a posting schedule. Also learn when not to post, thus avoiding over-posting or low reach. Ideally, one to two posts a day is optimal. The last step, of course, is seeing how your plans work out by tracking performance metrics and then fine-tuning your strategy.

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