Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No Strings Attached Dating

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When we say no string attached dating, it means a relationship between 2 individuals can carry on a purely physical connection. Its more of sexual intimate thing and both parties are not committed to each other. So having said that - Here are the pros and cons of this act. I've been with this kind of relationship as part of growing up and exploring different things.

Your not totally committed while you explore physical connection with another person. What ever you do your free and not obliged of being a girlfriend or boyfriend material role. Emotions are carried rather just pure physical contact. If your not ready into serious physical relationship then this kind of casual connection can meet your physical satisfaction as a human being.

You can also pursue many different options. Before I had a chance to hang out with these Chinese, European, Latinos and Portuguese ladies. Then I just realized in a short period of time that we have no chemistry at all. So I stop dating and chasing them. No string attached connection allows me to be in suave Brit James Bond imagination field of playing the mysterious macho life. Enjoying the intimate pursue of multiple people or girls in a period of time.

So you can select what you truly want to be with for the rest of your life. Then marriage would be a perfect solution for a no string attached game over life. Well, for now Im not a hypocrite, I kept my options open. Its like tasting food from different countries eventually you will settle down and choose the kinda food that you will eat everyday for the rest of your life.

Its like choosing a perfect dish that will make you truly happy. And its an option to be happy while keeping your options open. It can be a fun as well as a disaster if you fall in love. You may enjoy the thrill and adventure but by the end of the day or as you grew old. You need somebody that you can rely or a lifetime partner that you can spend for the rest of your life.

Although life is not perfect so enjoy dating and explore different personalities. That may lead into a serious relationship. Because not all marriage and relationship are perfect - therefore it should be fun rather than miserable that will lead into depression.

However no sting attached dating is not for everyone mostly in Asian conservative cultural heritage. But its already accepted as we move into the free world. The downside its your feelings may became real while the other is just playing or shopping around.

Then that is a risk- when you're feeling cannot be reciprocated in return. Some may protect and care you like a real family but the other party is just casual that will lead to jealousy and heartbreak. Quite painful that may hinder you from pursuing something more serious into the next serious relationship.

People involved in this kind of relationship may risk physical and emotional health. Its common that when you love someone and didn't return the favor back can cause extreme heartache. So this can put your personal wellness at risk as well. Like eating or crying so much. Some may involve in marital affair as a revenge to a cheating or boring partner. Which is realistically happening everywhere in the real world.

So is this your cup of coffee? After weighing the downside and upside of this kinda unique experience. I can say that its always the best thing to do is to consult your own feeling. Which makes you extremely happy? Because by the end of the day its not your friend or family dictates your own unique feeling. You got a life that you need to enjoy. Online dating is a fast and easy option to connect to the world. Wether its a serious or no string attach relationship its still an option for the pursuit of happiness.

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