Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When in Mumbai, be like the Mumbaikar

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The city that never sleeps, the city that is infectious, the city is the powerhouse of the country, the city is full of dreams, the city is none other than Mumbai. Where ever you are from, Mumbai accommodates everyone who comes to living there. Any person staying in Mumbai is known as Mumbaikar. You will get cheapest flights from Ahmedabad to Mumbai very often. With the increase in the frequency of flights, many people are travelling very frequently to Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

With the scorching hot in the morning and with the cool breeze from the sea in the night makes Mumbai a wonderful place to live in.  Many movies have shown Mumbai from various angles, but Mumbai has its own flavour. Many experts mention that when in Mumbai, be like the Mumbaikar. Here are few tips and tricks we bought for you to follow when in Mumbai so that you will be known as a Mumbaikar.

Vada Pav – a sentiment:
Every Mumbaikar loves Vada Pav, it’s said that you will not get the taste of Vada Pav anywhere in the world like in Mumbai. If you are not a foodie, be in Mumbai you will become one. Each and every corner of Mumbai you will find Vada Pav stall. In simple, Vada Pav is not only a snack but also a sentiment attached to Mumbaikar’s heart.

Marine Drive – best outing:
Whether you are with kids or family or friends the best place for an evening outing for every Mumbaikar is the Marine Drive. Marine Drive doesn’t sleep in the night time also. With the backdrop of Mumbai’s skyscrapers, Marine Drive comes to life with street vendors and many tourists roaming around. When in Mumbai, make sure you visit Marine Drive to know true Mumbaikar tastes and interests.

Bandra – the area of stars
In Mumbai, you have all the chances that you run into a Bollywood celebrity. A true Mumbaikar never goes back to a celebrity, unless a very big superstar. You find most of the stars in Bandra area especially Carter Road.

Carter Road – Midnight Snack destination
You will get the best delicious and mouth-watering snacks even at 1:00 am on Carter Road. You will get from delicacies like Shawarmas, ice creams, cheesecakes and many more desserts. Every Mumbaikar has some memorable moments in Carter Road.

Linking Road – the wardrobe
The Linking Road, Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway, and Lokhandwala Market are the best and vibrant places to set up your wardrobe. These places sell all the accessories like bags, clips, shoes and much more.

Cricket – A Religion
When it comes to cricket, every Mumbaikar treats it as a religion and Sachin Tendulkar as their God. Coming to cricket entire Mumbai becomes as one and enjoy the game to the core. Be ready to join the cricket loving Mumbaikar’s when you are in Mumbai. The state government declared state holiday when Sachin retired from cricket. By this, you can understand the love Mumbaikar’s have towards cricket.

Local Trains – Part of life
Mumbai has a wonderful interconnected train system, and it is the main mode of transport for Mumbaikar’s. Local train’s journey is an integral part of Mumbai’s lifestyle. You see a lady cutting vegetables, or people playing scramble, or anything they wish to do is only possible in Mumbai’s local trains.

Lonavala – holiday destination
You ask a suggestion to any Mumbaikar on where to go on holiday; they will suggest you Lonavala without a second thought. There are many tourist attractions in Lonavala that can be visited along with your friends and family.

When in Mumbai, think like a Mumbaikar and be like a Mumbaikar. There are many cheapest flights from Ahmedabad to Mumbai that are available nowadays.

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