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Top 10 Work Etiquettes: What We Should Keep in Mind to Keep the Camaraderie

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"There is no universal agreement about a standard work etiquette, which may vary from one environment to another.Work etiquette includes a wide range of aspects such as body language, good behavior, appropriate use of technology, etc. Part of office etiquetteis working well with others and communicating effectively."

There would always be those colleagues or superiors at work that would irk us for several reasons.

They would be the ones who seem to be too preoccupied in observing what we do, and raise an eyebrow if they feel we violated an office rule or guideline.

This is a hard truth for those who believe they were given an important role and thus are required to make sure everyone would comply.

However, they seem to be forgetting that an organization would not work well if there are members that feel superior than others. Remember that real leaders are those who know that there is no "I" in " team."

Designations may have been assigned, but the overall mission and vision of any organization still relies on the over-all contributions of everyone whether they are from the rank and file or top management.

Here are the top ten work etiquettes that we should keep in mind:

1. We should not persuade others to work efficiently by enforcing strict guidelines. Remember that unhappy team members would never excel in their fields. They would always be more rebellious if they feel imprisoned.

2. Nitpicking on trivial shortcomings would never gain us any real friends. Those who side with us are not real as well for they know we may also squeal against them if ever they are in a similar situation. Rumor mongering is never a healthy way to spend time in the office.

3. Giving unsolicited advise is only effective if we say it properly and not in a demeaning way. Instead, we should focus on the positive traits and tap into the strengths of individuals and we'll see them grow, taking the organization along to a more abundant future.

4. Being assigned to a critical role in an organization does not give us the right to bully others to keep them in compliance. Thinking our colleagues will abuse us if we are lenient is not a healthy sign. The workplace should not be a dictatorship. We should rather earn theur respect than shove a pill down their throaths.

5. We should realize that we cannot change the world in an instant so it is best to just practice what we preach and hope that others would emulate. The best way is to earn the respect of others so they would willingly work with usvand not against us. We should never step on others to stress our points.

6. Rules are made to guide us, and should never stop us from doing what's better for all. The end result justifies the means as long as no harm is done to anybody while in the process. There are times when we need to make an abrupt decision when called for.

7. We simply can't effectively move forward if we keep thinking within the box. There should be no box! We all need to question and challenge the system especially if it feels outdated, restrictive and broken. However, noone at work is our enemy, even those we feel are inflential or have "contacts" within. Life is never fair especially if we don't accept the fact that some aee just blessed.

8. The boss is not always right. Team members or colleagues would have their respective uniquely troubling and sometimes disturbing ideas. This is because noone is perfect to understand everything. Some would seem to have weird ideas, but coukd be those that would soon revolutionuze and innovate the usual or common. Most of the time, it is our diversity and imperfections that make us a lot more interesting. We all have our faults so expecting a 100% ideal workplace environment is hardly existing.

9. Sometimes unfavorable conditions or burnout at work would discourage us from continuing with our inspired efforts. The worst thing to do is to quit and let somebody else deal with the problem. Quitters never win, and that is so true. We should patiently work on a solution if we are really concerned for the organization.

10. Lastly, work should never be a place to compete or bring down others just to maintain our prominence. It is more rewarding to uplift others because their success is ultimately everyone's success.

life is too short to search for Shangri-La, and we're not talking about the hotels. We deserve to live a life worth reminiscing on our retirement.

It may be too late for us to enjoy life when we're old and weary so claim the fun of living while we can. Remember that regrets are the worst things to ponder about as we sip on our mango juice while lying along the beach.

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