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Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Holds Balangaw Climate Justice Tour: Manila, Batangas, Guimaras, and Tacloban

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

I had given the chance to sail and do boating in different ways. In and out of the country makes me feel always excited. Maybe this is my dry run to Its the ship party, volvo ocean race, USS aircraft carriers or ‎Harmony of the Seas Caribbean cruise maybe. Because I'm always up into extreme boat adrenaline and action adventures. 

Reminds me of Water-world adventure, Perfect storm true tragic story and magical Life of Pi movies.  This is my 1st assignment with WP this year. When Ross told me about Rainbow Warrior world sail tour invite. I said yes with out knowing whats the advocacy behind that great sail boat tour.  

February 18, 2018 about 2 weeks ago, Rein and Hsuan picked us up at from Roxas Boulevard near Coconut Palace via speed power inflatable Greenpeace boat. Because of the heavy boat-ship traffic in Manila Pier Harbor. The Rainwbow Warrior sail boat was anchored somewhere near the bay area. 

I am in a feeling moment of shooting the next Bond action film. During that boat action travel moment - hearing those boat engines and cool sea breeze then salty splash on my nerves. It was delicious and exciting! I have different perspective before and after the 2 weeks sail. 

I carefully observed whats happening inside the boat. The life and world that they enjoy while sailing compare to people living onshore. There's no definite schedule there's only tentative or ETA because there's a lot of things to be considered. 

Like the condition of the boat, sail, speed, sea routes, ocean traffic, weather, coastguards, ports, sea waves and then the direction of the wind. Now I understand why Abi didn't gave me a specific tour travel hourly and daily itinerary because its always tentative. Technically we were in Netherlands while inside the ship according to the female Captain Hettie. 

While on-board Ron forgot his passport that's why we were delayed by 4 hours. Reminds of Marines & Motorcycles adventure cross country riders motto "leaves no man behind". Now I can feel the good justice spirit inside the boat. I saw the Captain wash the dish and clean the table. 

She even teach us on how to make espresso coffee. I also learned how to clean the boat, remove ship rust by using oxalic acid and operate a commercial washer for the 1st time during our daily 8am morning cleaning task.

Now I can feel the advocacy of Justice even I joked to Des our ship tour guide and climate justice speaker. While we were mopping the ship. I cracked a joke this is the reason why you Graduate in Ateneo then do advance study in Germany. Then boisterous laughter! So enjoy while it last. Its good the see the sail elevator. 

You can do many things inside the sail boat. Can I climb on top of sail elevator and declare myself Capt Jack Sparrow for a minute? Can I go In front and Call the Dolphins. Tell Rose that I finally won the best actor on The Revenant movie after 2 decades. Which I was expecting to won during the Titanic and The Beach blockbuster scene. 

Ito, Api and Ron did the Paint Job while we were in Manila en route going to Batangas. Crew, Student, Chef and Volunteers help each other to achieve to common goal of saving mother earth. Agus from Bali told me about piracy and hi tech ship travel stories. How much the ship cost and how to operate it.

Like you cant hi jack or sink the Rainbow warrior they know safety security drill. Because I told him about military escort while sailing in the terrorist or pirate zone. I also observed the serious action about carbon footprints and reducing emissions inside the ship.

They take food, waste and renewable consumption energy seriously. They even called a serious shame (via bulletin board) if you put your garbage not it proper place. Leave your you-tube open or gadgets unattended, lights and water unattended. They even use vinegar in cleaning.

The beautiful iconic sail ship use wind energy to sail, they recycle water and food waste. Everything that they do comes was true to its purpose and environment friendly. No straw, mostly vegan food and no plastics. So I really need to adjust and understand.

Too many things and gimmicks on the boat helipad. They did BBQ, Stargazing, Safety drill, Eat, Dance, Swimming, Fishing, Biking, Scuba, Gym Workouts and Guitar here. Do you also need mini submarine, mini Seaplane and little Nellie here for your marine and climate research? Like what you have in Arctic Sunrise Boat. Wait I'll pitch to the Wall Street, Berlin and Oxford. #mayabangme

German precision, accuracy and efficiency unload and reload the speed boat in less than 2 minutes. 

Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise, Esperanza, Rainbow Warrior as of Feb 19, 2018 Global Position 8 pm Manila Standard Time en route Argentina, Morocco and Philippines. I also saw Grace cool Greenpeace campaign shirt Rainbow Warrior Tour Hamburg * Amsterdam * London * Stockholm* Marceille * Genoa * Barcelona * Manila so I added Asia * Guimaras * Tacloban to my social media hashtag.

Inside the Ship Ron (OFW-Community Leader-Seaman-Vegan) told me about his 40 day climate change walk from Manila to Tacloban. He was staying in school, church and he told me how do farmers, volunteers help him in every stopover. Des also mentioned about her 2 months walk in Italy, Switzerland and France. I imagine the great sacrifice that these people did to show care about planet. 

I wonder how they walked all day long cross country and endure rain, tears of the sun and then feel under different weather conditions. Walking in different timezone to make people understand the reason why they were doing it. I wonder how does it feel walking even just for an hour makes me sick. How much more if your doing it over and over again for days weeks even months? Looks like a bad ass traveler and ridiculous advocacy mission!    

Ocke our safety to the Captain second on Command 
Safety first! I learn a lot when it comes to navigation, instruments, communications and safety from these guy. 

During the Drill Always wear those Teletubbies suit before Life Jacket - It will save your-life! 

Hey Capt we were leaning 20 degrees earlier running 5-10 knots. That was cool experience like hobie wind sailing.

Speaking of Justice, we stopped in sailing in Batangas right in the vicinity of Shell oil refinery.  I saw how the Banner called "People and Planet not Profit" was raised and retreat to remind everybody about the responsibility. See the video and aerial shots made by Jim, Noel, Grace, Jo, JP, Des and Bayaw here. See the tweet info here that I did RT via twitter.

@jbiadog Hey @Shell! Show up at the public hearings in the Philippines and own up to your responsibility for contributing to the climate crisis. #makethefuture better for communities demanding #climatejustice. #humanrights #peoplenotprofit #climatechange

They told shell and big oil company like exxon mobil to #makethefuture for people who suffered because of climate crisis. Together with other big fossil fuel companies to own the responsibility. And also to show up at the public hearings this last week of March 2018. To take action with the ongoing climate responsibility. Based of the books that I've read, people I've talked with and video I saw. Mining and too much oil drilling cause global warming that may cause natural disaster.

Before, I have nothing against with shell. Because they were one of my big sponsor-partner to my several events-trips-contest like the luxurious Ferrari World, f1, Lemans, Moto GP multi million race schooling and great flashy lifestyle. The kinda lifestyle and sport that I truly love. Flamboyant travel and advocacy cruise why can I choose both to be good and feel good? I don't feel like a hot chick to choose the best of both worlds.  

In our old house in Talisay City, Negros Occidental we were  flooded like once every year or two. But just last January 2018 we were flooded 3 times reason for my parents to evac the old house and find new one. Now, I wonder how much the poor farmer or fisherman who live beside the sea or river. Those helpless people (farmer and fishermen) that we need at least 3-5 times a day. So shell show up in the public hearing!

I saw the face of dirty flood inside our house and destroyed our properties, it was terrible. The result were equally tragic and real. For now, I cant decide yet where to put much weight but I leave it to every volunteer and people who really cares. I was caught in the middle like for instance dreaming of luxury at the same time protecting mother earth. Why can I choose both? The ante and risk is really high hope they (Shell, Energy and Oil Companies) can take serious action about it.     

Spiderman mode - Ayan na! 

Strawberry dessert from the finest chef's of rainbow warrior #wazzuppilipinas #dessert #rainbowwarrior #cruising — in Quinabigan, Mindoro Oriental, Philippines.

While making Espresso the handsome @chef Daniel Bravo Garibi from Mexico talks about sustainable farming. Go to your local market, ask them about their family and farming productions. Think about nurturing the planet. See his video here

Inside the Boat, I didn't feel bored in the Boat because of the Library, Wifi in any part of the boat all sail long, Conference Room where I learned a lot from different creative people. And TV with lots of Greenpeace documentary for the past 3 decades. Famous Hollywood TV series like big Bang Theory and cool action movies like Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, True Lies and Skyfall. 

I enjoyed reading great articles from different journalist around the globe. I've heard that around 2.5 million German's pledged a portion of its income every month supporting this good cause according to Nina and I verified it with Angel. 

Also seeing the great sacrifice of volunteers coming from different ages and walks of life. Grannies, teenage and volunteers. I even read interesting story of a Doctor and educated person who works a ship deckhand. Reminds me that's its really a calling.
Angela Victoria Mueller Nurse - Medic Volunteer from Montana USA. Inviting Americans to join her towards the journey of saving mother Earth. On volunteer job action, shes sewing one of Deckhand Brooks short, as well as the huge 1 by 6 meter banner. That says People and Planet not Profit.  Before we went to Batangas 

Visit previous Rainbow Warrior articles and YouTube videos here and She told me about her previous volunteering jobs and several attempts to volunteer in Greenpeace and then came true. When I post Its just word and image. Sometimes its just a simple test. I don't usually do interview but WP required my to do so. So see my interview with her here

Rainbow spotted en route to Tacloban and then Man overboard safety drill - Angela did remind us the use of oxygen, first aid kits, vital points and checking patients consciousness. 
We did 2 stopover just to swim in a Deep Blue Sea during the Tour and Some did Diving. Our fishing line messed up with the propeller. Good thing that Luis and Antonio managed to dive and uncoiled it right after the sunset. 

With heavy waves and current we were anchored down between Iloilo and Guimaras border. Lets give a medal to the 2 brave underwater eagles but they preferred beer cheers!  


Local Farming, Fish ponds, Bahay Kubo and Wind Farm Tour. With 35000 tourist last year and 56000 this year. People likes to travel even doing pre nup here photo-video. Aside from Producing the best ever tasting mango in the planet. The wind farm contributes 60 million peso on real property tax annually. Also 1 centavo per KW that goes to the local community. 

They have 20 year contract with the government. It's good to travel here taste the native food, coffee as we spent a night in a solar power nipa hut hotel Bahay Kubo beside the turbine and beach. 

The Island Province of Guimaras as of 24 of February 2018 were declared as the 1st coal free province in the Visayas Region. Governor Gamarin wanted to show the world that they don't need dirty energy as a source of power.  They shared energy to neighboring province of Panay and Iloilo.

Aside from producing the best variety of Mango in the Planet. They embraced the wind power as their source of energy. It also became a blessing to the community and encourage other cities and province to do the same.  

Maayong aga Guimaras! Interview sa 25 Iloilo Greenpeace volunteers about renewable energy. We speak in local illongo dialect about renewable energy and wind turbine. That supplies power to Iloilo, Panay and Guimaras Island. Clem and Coy is been a volunteer since 2005. We talked about after the 54 megawatt San Lorenzo farm 28 wind turbines. 

Which cost roughly 250 million per turbine. Technology from Spain and Trans Asia that provides ideal solution for wind sustainable energy. Visit and #wazzuppilipinas #rainbowwarrior#climatejustice #guimaras #windenergy #renewableenergy#energy @ Playa De Paraiso

Signed the pact declaration - Guimaras 100% coal free declaration Feb 24, 2018 together with the Governor, Local government units and Greenpeace team. Ranked as 5th by the Global Climate Risk for long term climate impact. Validating that Filipinos have been living in a vulnerable state within dangerous environment. 

A global solution for climate crisis by making urgent action by embracing renewable energy essential to climate justice.
#climatechange #climatejustice #rainbowwarrior#wazzuppilipinas #energy #windenergy#travel #guimaras #environment

With great power comes great electrical consumption. The Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior team Travels to the huge 54 MW San Lorenzo wind farm with 28 turbines with the exception of 13. A model province in the Visayas region for global solution for climate crisis. Best mango producer because of rich soil and location. 

And ideal source for wind renewable energy. So how's the population before wind energy? Because no more brown out which is good for the people who's busy building the next generation #balangaw #wazzuppilipinas #windfarmtour

Punk Kids played skate with the use of Coconut stem in the elevated mini mountain of wind farm. and use slippers as a brake

I joined Radio and IT expert Mong and my bunk-mate Rein in minute shift rounds of Exercise, hardwork and medication...hahaha Repeat.... 5pm habit with cool sound #exercise#boatworkout  

Wind energy sailing 11knots here in Guimaras. Feel like hobbie glide sailing Southern of Guimaras. 20 degrees with diesel generator that provide electricity to boat instruments to save energy while sailing.

2nd Engineer Luis from Columbia talks about energy efficient boat. He assist the launching of several boats. Talks about diving, engine, film and energy efficient form of sailing. 

He's the one in charge in making ready of bilge and ballast pumps. Also serve as a firefighter, environment and boat safety advocate. See his full interview here while working in the engine with student volunteer Ito.

Local Welcome Dance - Hello Tacloban!

Advance Instruments no more heavy muscle to operate a sail boat just 2 fingers and will power.

Ingrid - former chair of Nature and Youth organization from Norway sued the Norwegian government for allowing new Oil Arctic Drilling. Same with Kelly who is suing the US government.  

Joanna lost 5 of her love ones during Haiyan. She lost her parents, brother, sister and nephew.  Everything she lost because of climate change. As a survivor she even went to Norway and did protest to the Norwegian government. Shared her stories about climate change. She was against the Arctic oil drilling.  

What they are doing right now may result to environment collateral damage. Made me think why Philippine and American soldiers are sent to Marawi and Iraq and outer Space. Not because they wanted to, but to protect the people back home.  See the presscon video I uploaded in youtube here.

All women talked about climate justice. As Yeb said Mayong Aga to his father's hometown and introduced the Rainbow Warrior guest to Tacloban City. Angel introduced Capt Hettie to the press.  Said mabuhay to Tacloban peeps! To the last part of the Rainbow Warrior Philippine Climate Justice tour. 

Stated the big impact of climate change to them. She joined green peace last 1999 for toxic free Asia tour. She arrived in Manila as part of the tour and talked about sick people in Clark during the eruption of volcano. Soil and water was contaminated so lots of children got sick. And the women got miscarriage, girl got leukemia. 

Also after the protest to US embassy to cleaned up the mess. When she witness that the 6 year old girl passed away. The Captain decided that this is the job that she likes to do. She likes to be part of giving a voice to people. 

And like to hear different stories about Tacloban. And her duty to act and look very much forward who is responsible for climate change. She told me about featuring more of Tacloban story while we were still in Guimaras area sailing. 

Free Rainbow Warrior Tour for Students and Everybody.

Capt my Fingers are Ready to Navigate the Waterworld
Show your tatt that smile and cry?

LiveRary Living Books, learning life brings experts and storytellers to explore things connected to climate justice. #liverary #greenpeace #wazzuppilipinas #tacloban #balangaw @ Agus Seafood Restaurant

City Memorial and Farm Tour #wazzuppilipinas #rainbowwarriortour2018#travel #leyte @ Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines

5 Star General Douglas, I shall return memorial tour #ww2 #memorial #wazzuppilipinas #leyte #palo @ Palo Leyte, MC Arthur Park

It only takes 2 days to make a bamboo house using the bayanihan system. A house that can last for 20 years with out using metal, cement or nails. 

Mayor Pel Pecson of Tanauan told us about his insights and leadership style during the time of super typhoon crisis. He toured us around his town, sports and building facilities also showed us the memorial hall of more or less 1600 dead people in his town as casualties during 11.08.2013.  

After the visit of Memorial Hall in different city and Municipality of Leyte and Samar. A Nun lead us to her Nazareth farm. She told us about her calling and life before in Italy. She told us about her family properties that is donated for her to fulfill her chosen vocation-mission.  

The kids sings for us and she also showed us some of her agricultural plan, crops, seeds experiments and livelihood training's for her people.  It was a great downhill and uphill as a sacrifice for the planet and being like in the bible farm setting.

People from Tacloban express themselves through different arts and music.
LIVERary Story telling to several people and nationalities

Kelsey 22 years old from Oregon one of the Story Teller tells her story in the LiveRary. She was a college student taking up Environmental Science. Imagine that she traveled that far from US west-coast just to share her story as a teen and young environment advocate.  

It was my first time to experience this LiveRary. Stories were for real as living books and learning live. I was listening to the story of Arthur Golong an LGBT member. How he was discriminated and stood up in the midst of crisis. he narrates how people and donors trust him and adjust to those victims from all walks of life. 

He was invited by Senators and Top politicians to talk and share her stories. The story of her people and barangay's that he manage. I saw several video clips and I like the one that killed an activist to sustain its child college tuition. Somewhat related to EJK and Politics.

Merlie Alunan Istorya #LIVErary mention that she didn't loss any Family member and they were safe during the perfect storm. Everybody needs help, thristy and were hungry. That they left for Dumaguete for the mean time after the Haiyan Crisis. #actonclimate #rainbowwarriortour2018 I also talked to one of the student volunteer from UP Diliman that her family was safe as well and stayed on the ceiling's strong part.

I've talk to several people, students, victims, local media and volunteers. Some said the dead was 6k, some were 30k, some 10k, some 60k our tour Electrical Engineer tour guide estimates more or less 40k. But no matter how many it was they all have stories to tell.  

George from Fiji plays the musical instrument. He's also Api's uncle of Pacific Climate Warriors. Told me about south Pacific Islands. Also Fiji's rugby, boxing and sports. 44 people died because of climate change and natural disaster in a population of 800 thousand people. 

The sad part is that the 1st Rainbow Warrior ship was bombed by French Authority. Very disturbing that represents peace, aspirations and better future for all of us. Story tellers wanted to bring story together through films. Also shared their stories via conferences, LiveRary and symposiums.   
 Makulay at sariwa ang tubig sa splazzh pool #pool #travel #wazzuppilipinas#tacloban
 "Time to relax after 2 weeks of sailing"

After that Haiyan or Yolanda I can say that Tacloban can recover from nothing. Its a booming economy. There's plenty of fine hotel, businesses and restaurants here. As I roamed around early morning on its central market. Like the Agus restaurant I order Steak and Ribs here and It taste so good. 

Great place to start investing in this booming economy. I returned to manila 2 days ago via PAL and the flight were just right on time (1 hour travel). At first I was in the impression of disaster or depressed area. It was not and It was cool to stay here. I wish I could stay longer, instead of choosing March 6 from March 2 as my return flight to Manila. 

But last weeks experience made me say that Tacloban is a good place to start your business and wonderful new hope beginnings. The seaport, airport, streets were organized and clean. We didn't encounter heavy traffic in the area during my 4 days of stay.  Like for more info. Thanks to Rainbow Warrior and Green Peace for letting me be a part of your journey.

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