Friday, March 9, 2018

4 Powerful Reasons that Train Journeys are the Best in India

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When talking about planning a holiday, only a few modes of transport can compare to the train excursion. There are many people who travel by train only to cross the distance and reach their destination. But there are also people who go on train journeys and make the most of their experience.

There are many features of Indian railways that have made rail journeys absolutely easy in this present time. Be it PNR check or seat availability; you can keep a check of everything. Anyhow, there are some powerful reasons that denote train journeys are the best in India. You can walk through some of the reasons right below:

A date with real India 
Train journeys in India take you closer to the culture and to your people. Every companion or passenger you are travelling with has a distinct story. A train allows you sit across people. The train gives you the chance to know people and their cultures. You get to know what real India is. Maybe you are born and brought up in a specific region of specific place in India. But when you are in a train, you share the space with people who have their different backgrounds. When you look at their clothing style, language and listen to their views, you taste the real Indian essence. It is indeed a date with real India.

Refreshing trip 
When you are in a train, you get a chance to travel next to refreshing waterfalls, thick jungles or amidst waves.  Have you ever explored the excitement and thrill when a swift chugging train passes via a tunnel, it really induces enthusiasm in every heart. Similarly, the view of the dense forest during the monsoon or waterfalls leaves your jaws dropped. It is no less than a holiday, right? It is like a double treat. The train takes you to your destination and at the same time gives you adventurous time on board.

A filmy tang 
When you are in the middle of a train journey, there is every chance that you might meet someone special. Real life filmy love stories unfold right before you. These journeys are more than only journeys for people. It is the finest place for eyes to encounter, for the hearts to pound, for love to take place at the first glance. There are many love stories in India that have actually stemmed from a specific train journey.

Comfort on your palm 
Indeed when you are in a train, you are always in your comfort zone. When your legs begin to pain and body aches because of constant sitting of hours; you have every ease to stand up and walk through the compartments of the train. You can walk through the compartments and relax your body. This is something that is not possible in bus or other journeys. Similarly, sometimes when the train halts for a long time at a platform, you can get down and take a quick walk there too.

Thus, it’s for sure that your perspective towards train journeys have changed a little after going through these discussed point’s right? Maybe slowly, but your love for train journeys will expand once you take journeys in a positive perspective.

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