Saturday, January 20, 2018

There are Bigger and More Significant Issues Out There

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Now that some bloggers have shown us that it's possible to get exposure from traditional media just by forming a group to campaign against a common but highly controversial cause, should we all band together as well for the other bigger and more significant issues, many of which also tackles foreign interventions?

Many of these #BloggersForFreedom also work or contribute for traditional media thus it is not surprising that their statement was carried, but also because the Rappler issue is a hot one at the moment.

Media people gobble up these kind of stories to attract readers because at the end of the day, media outfits still want to pamper their readers with the latest update, or gossip, and readership translates to earning a bigger profit.

Also, this news is just too good to miss, and an opportunity to counter an impending war against media outfits like Rappler.

But who are really the destabilizers in this story? Is it the government who strongly reacts against hateful news about them, or is it media who always never misses to highlight the  negatives and shortcomings of the government?

If we apply it in a bloggers community setting, everytime a blogger rants against fellow bloggers, the community suffers for people, unaware of all sides of the story, would think the blogging community is divided and chaotic. Thus any news about an erring blogger somehow affects the outlook of outsiders towards the community, and even fellow bloggers could get influenced, and some of the restless would join in on the bandwagon of hate.

Similarly, when media, or bloggers, keep on sharing news in a negative light without giving the original and real intention a chance, they ultimately cloud the vision of others towards the government where not everyone is as foul-mouthed and irrational as the President. These would eventually create nothing but a doubtful nation.

When people voted for their leaders, it is assumed they also gave their trust for them to act in accordance to what would serve the people better regardless if it is the most popular choice. They were authorized to manage the country for now, so it's hard to do their job if critics keep on pestering their every move even when it has not been implemented yet.

Needless to say, we've witnessed so many forms of corruption among givernment officials from top to bottom. But is it safe to also say that every administration had their own share of critics that were never satisfied of their actions. There would always be some group out there who would rally, oppose, and rant against the government no matter who sits as President.

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