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Brilliant 5 Edtech Programs For Stellar Grades

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The Internet has profoundly developed over the last 2 decades, forever changing humanity in so many ways. We now depend on the internet to a variety of tasks. This is enhanced by the fact that it offers interconnectivity on a global scale. Through the internet, the world has indeed become a global village whereby you can access facilities that were previously impossible without traveling to overseas destinations. During this developmental stage, several entities rose up to take advantage of the new developing phenomenon, Internet of Things, to create new structure that impacts us daily. The Silicon Valley, for example, developed several programs and devices for educational purposes. Most recently, Edtech is concentrated on creating programs that are increasingly becoming more significant in classrooms worldwide.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the ways in which Internet of Things has impacted the education sector giving birth to the global scale classroom. Specifically, we shall tackle the software part of this development whereby we’ll discuss the various programs developed by Edtech that can be used to improve grades for students.

The following are 5 brilliant programs that can help students on how to write an essay, term paper, understand certain subjects, and other classroom activities to get stellar grades:


This is an interactive app created by Waterbear Soft, which is made for both teacher and student. It saves you from the hassle of having to register for memberships and logins. When the teacher enters the classroom, the app connects to all the smart devices within the classroom range. From that stage, the teacher can administer a quick quiz or share the content they want to reach the students.

The teacher will install the app on their smart device and log in. After this, they open virtual classrooms and students can join the session and deliver their responses to the assigned tasks, and as such, are constantly engaged in the coursework.

This app gives moderating privileges to the instructors. They are the only ones who can maintain their digital autonomy. Once the student joins a session, they are locked in and can’t leave to go surfing or engage in other activities. This app is free and has 15million users in Korea.

PingPong currently supports very limited responses which are: 

Short texts
Drawings and
Multiple choices 


This is an interactive app that converts your iPad into a recordable whiteboard delivering stunning presentations equipped with images, videos, text, and audio. For students, it offers the ability to create and share video lessons online. For the teacher, it offers the ability to create presentations and to create and administer assessment projects.

The app is useful not only for assessment purposes but can also be applied in the learning process. For instance, in English lessons, students can use the app to see how different characters interact with each other. In Science classes, students can classify plants and animals into their respective taxonomical orders. For History classes, students can use illustrations to better understand what they are learning.

Through the captivating and user-friendly graphical representations, students are more deeply engaged in the learning process and absorb more content. This app gives teachers the advantage of tapping into other teacher’s public lessons.


Whenever there is a population of individuals willing to learn, there will be a demand for individuals who can teach them. No matter the level of education you have attained, there is a skill or two you have developed and you can teach them to other learners. Despite the position you are in, to learn or to teach, you should check out the online teaching and learning marketplace Udemy.

This program offers a wide range of courses that you can select from if you want to learn. On the other hand, if you want to teach your unique skill to others, you get to create your own course whereby learners will select it for lessons after you sign up as an instructor. This is a good way of earning some extra money which can supplement your hefty tuition fees.


Cheap and free online courses are becoming common in the contemporary education society. This is becoming a preferable alternative to the cumbersome tuitions fees. Coursera is a free online resource that offers college courses to any student.

Although you won’t attain your degree certification through this avenue, it is a good spot to gain more specialized knowledge for your college course and your career as well. You will be awarded online badges that will boost your online profile such as LinkedIn. Partnerships with global elite universities ensure Coursera badges will bear one of the elite emblems which will take you a notch higher in your career.

5.Essay Services

There are a ton of essays waiting for your attention all through your college studies. On average, you will be required to tackle a completely new essay with a new topic on a weekly basis. At times, you may be forced to get some help on these essays. Essay services are a good way of outsourcing for help on your essays.

You simply upload your order and a competent freelance writer will get working on your essay. For these services, you will be required to pay a fee that’s in accordance with the level and magnitude of your course. You will be in a contact with the writer who will update you on the progress of your order and you only pay once you’re satisfied.


These Edtech programs are designed to promote instructiveness for learning in the digital classroom. The modern students in the contemporary digital education systems require modern learning resources in a virtual domain where they can cultivate new skills and talents for the 21st-century economy. New technologies are being developed and incorporated into the society and the education sector benefits as well. Students should take advantage of these systems to ensure that they attain stellar grades.

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