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Pacquiao-Horn Boxing Match Result: Who Really Won or Has the Philippines Stopped Giving a Fuck?

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Pacquiao:Why are you hugging me?
Horn: It's because I feel so Horn...y 

Jeff Horn defeated Manny Pacquiao after 12 Rounds with an Unanimous Decision to win the WBO Welterweight Title.

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao finds himself on the end of yet another bad decision!

Judging by all the twitter reactions and drama from the Pacquiao - Horn boxing match. We all need to re-watch and weigh in (see what I did there?).

One of the 3 judges (the one who scored it 117-111 Horn) just called ESPN fake news. Utter disgrace.
True enough, this looks like a remake of the Pacquiao - Bradley first fight where Bradley badly pummeled but won even though it was clear that Pacquiao beat him. Pacman has also gotten judges benefits before. It should be 0-3–1 vs Marquez 0-2-2 at best. This, ladies and gentlemen, is boxing.

I'd like to feel bad for Pacquiao, but from all accounts he sounds like kind of a dick with all those neglect he has done as a Congressman, and now Senator. Plus the relentless ramblings of misinterpreted Bible quotes.

"I think you cannot spend so much time as a senator and expect to be a world class fighter" say Bob Arum.

However, it works both ways, unfortunately. You also cannot spend so much time boxing and training and expect to be a good senator. Both ways, you cannot serve two masters. If Manny does not pick one soon, he will end his career a loser and nothing more but a memory of a once a hero who put the Philippines in the global map. Either you retire a hero or fight long enough but continue to lose in the hands of these judges.

Pacquiao is an all time fighter who's been the Philippines' hero for a long time (except for his political affiliations). But it's time to hang it up his gloves ..and also leave the government. Retire now, please!

There was a fight scheduled today for Pacquiao, but unlike the past years when everyone stayed home and was glued to their television for pay-per view or free TV, or on their computer monitors for livestreaming (causing almost zero traffic congestion), nowadays people of the Philippines seem to longer give a fuck about the Pacman's fights.

Who would be interested watching him fight an opponent that is almost the same age as his children? Lol! The unknown Horn has very little impressive boxing portfolio. No wonder there was no great interest about the fight.

But never fear, for the organizers of the fight took good care of Horn.

I didn't know it's National Hug Day in Brisbane, Australia. Some are saying that if you thought Horn won, you are either a judge from that fight, blind, or Australian.

Pull me in close. 
Bite my lip.
Groan in my nape. 
Whisper in my ear...

Aussie Jeff Horn wins the title of Miss Congeniality!

But some are saying Horn landed the cleaner elbows, headbutts & headlocks while taking more punches to the face, so he won.

Whatever is the case, there are also conspiracy theories that this was all deliberate. They intended Horn to win so the people will demand for a re-match. If Pacquiao won, Bob Arum would need to look and promote for another boxer to compete against Pacquiao. That would definitely never be a seller.

Has anyone even checked the bets? Maybe someone won a huge sum of money from the Pacquiao loss. That's another thing to consider investigating. 

As we all know, boxing is a business, just as it is connected to gambling, where you win high if you know the most probable results or if there was an intentional rigging done for mutual benefits.

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