Thursday, July 6, 2017

Everything's A-OK with Wazzup Pilipinas

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Try singing the song below with the Sesame Street soundtrack as music:

Another Blogging Day 
Attending lots of events today 
On my way to where the food is free 

Can you tell me how to get, 
How to get lots of Tokens and Freebies 

Come and play 
Everything's A-OK 
Friendly bloggers there 
That's where we meet 

Can you tell me how to get 
How to get lots of Tokens and Freebies... 
How to get lots of Tokens and Freebies...
How to get lots of Tokens and Freebies...

The way to deal with haters and detractors, aside from being better, is to make fun of their ridiculous accusations. Maybe they'll realize that they're like the Pacquiao-Horn boxing match judges ...Horn may have won based on the technicalities, but the people have chosen their real winner.

Some of us are just too obsessed in being on top, that we forget the real meaning of blogging.

Why so serious?

Fighting crimes won't effectively work if we're like the dark and deadly Batman of the graphic novels. We should be more like your friendly neighborhood Spider-man who pokes fun of even himself to creatively come up with seemingly crazy but sincerely unique ways to confuse and distract the enemy.

Nowadays, we should make an effort to help everyone to be on their best form. We don't ridicule or bash the ones we feel inferior based on our standards. We should instead guide them towards the right way, by being friendly and helpful enough to encourage and inform them that there's a much better way.

I believe everyone just gets misguided along their way to setting and getting their goals in life, that they get blindsided at some times when crossing the roads leading to their destinations. We all need to get some sort of Waze app to map out the best way for us.

Just remember that it's not only reaching the destination that makes the road trip fun, but on how we spent our hours, days, weeks, months, or years, during the lengthy journey we could easily relate to as life.

And thus I am re-introducing our Wazzup Pilipinas jingle below:

Ano man ang iyong hilig... 
Ano man ang iyong ibig 
Kahit saan ka mang panig 
(Wazzup Pilipinas) 

Pagkain man o pag yaman 
Biyahe man kung saan saan 
Kahit na sino pa ang iyong angkan 
(Wazzup Pilipinas) 

Wazzup Pilipinas, 
halina at libutin ang ating mundo 

Wazzup Pilipinas, 
aming ibibigay ang inyong gusto 

Wazzup Pilipinas, 
ang show na ito'y para lang sa inyo 

Wazzup Pilipinas, 
tutok na... 
sa Wazzup Pilpinas 

(Wazzup Pilipinas, 
Wazzup Pilipinas, 
tutok na sa Wazzup Pilpinas, 
Masaya sa Wazzup Pilipinas!) 

Libutin ang mundo, 
kainin ang gusto 
Alamin ang tamang daan kung pano ang umasenso 
Kasama ang buong tropa ng Wazzup Pilipinas 
Aming ibibigay sa madla at ipapadanas 

Ang saya ng Wazzup Pilipinas 
Tutok na sa Wazzup Pilipinas 
Ang saya dito sa Pilipinas 
Ihahatid sa inyo ng Wazzup Pilipinas

The song has more than just lyrics. We have a full working soundtrack professionally done and composed by experts. You could search for it online at our YouTube channels. There's even one without vocals so you could sing with your own cover.

Some are saying that music could even sooth the savage beasts, and it may also work on those misfits of the blogging community. 

Those who think blogging should be strictly following or conforming to a particular ethical standard should think more than twice since they're trespassing on private property.

Blogging is meant to be personal - full of sincerity, passion, and aspirations. When you try to control or influence us to think like the majority, just because you believe your self-righteous groups are doing the most acceptable, you destroy the real essence of blogging.

Wazzup Pilipinas will forever be truthful to the origins of blogging, yet still open to the developments that would further make it a great outlet for our longings, creativity and generosity in sharing our stories so that other may learn from our experiences.

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