Thursday, March 23, 2017

DOT Secretary Wants Media to "Tone Down" Reports on EJK

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Here's what to expect if we make Mocha Uson as the new "Darna" aka "Narda"
Mocha: "Digong, ang bato!"
Digong: "Putang-inang bato yan! Ikaw batuhin ko!
Bato (Dela Rosa): "Sir, baka ako hinahanap niya! Pagsampalin ko na ba?"
Bato (stone): "Need nyo pa ba ako? Di ba may Oplan Tokhang na? Patay na mga adik sa Pilipinas"
Wanda Tulfo-Teo: "Guys, tone down on your statements. Nahihirapan ako i-promote ang Philippine tourism!"
“’Yung mga statements na ganoon, nahihirapan kaming i-sell ang Philippines so I hope we could kung puwede even… this does not only refer to VP Leni but also to the media to please medyo i-tone down natin yung [reports] on extrajudicial killings.” ~Tourism Sec. Corazon Wanda Tulfo-Teo

Statements like these just prove how insensible our current leaders are. They would rather "tone down" the truth about what's really happening in the Philippines just to let tourists keep coming in. When you tone-down, that could also mean telling a lie about the reality. You then put tourists in danger and the entire Philippines as a liar.

She's barking on the wrong tree! She should tell her boss, President Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte to stop his  Extra-Judicial Killings (EJK) disguised as a "War on Drugs" so she could have it easy with her job as Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary.

Tone down EJK operations instead - so that media has nothing "negative" to report about the Philippines.
"Typical "Best-and-the-Brightest" appointee in Duterte's mediocre cabinet. Unable to discern the real issues.
The main reasons she was appointed are: #1 Taga-Davao #2 Owns a travel agency #3 MonTulfo's sister. No competence in international marketing, attracting investors, sector planning.
If she was slightly more competent, she would have tried to make "lemonade out of lemons".
She could run a whole series of 'More Fun in the Philippines' ads around our latest selling propositions: EJKs, Death Squads, Tokhang-for-Ransom, Masked Mummies, Fake News, Cursing, Kowtowing to China, Death Penalty, Sex Tapes, Jet Skiing to Chinese-stolen islands. The possibilities are endless.
We would attract all the war-freaks, murderers & idiots from around the world. That's a large, gullible market to add to our own burgeoning pool.
And hell no. It is not safe in the Philippines. Just look at the murder stats. 51% up since Duterte became president." - Bernard Ong
Even the appointed Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Chief Operating Officer (COO), Cesar Montano, has been in the spotlight for anomalies within the TPB, and the worst is that his own staff are the ones complaining about his ways and methods touching on absurd spending personal travels, using public funds on non-related tourism activities like rallies, and hiring relatives and gardeners, and many more in redundant positions.

Even the appointment of Katherine Espin, Miss Earth 2016, as Ambassadress for the DOT, to promote Eco Tourism all over the nation, will not be enough to counter all that news about poor people getting killed by the police. It's so safe in the Philippines that you also get killed even inside the Camp Crame, the home of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and where the PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa, resides.

As usual, there will always be people who will remain blind of the truth because they want to look their best to the one whom they owe their positions. You can't expect them to bite the hand that feeds them. There's what we call "Utang na Loob" that has always been the main reason for every downfall.

In our case, all of the Digong supporters are getting positions in government, or special favors if they do not want to be tied up in government. Never mind if there are more qualified people out there, the President knows who to thank by assigning them top responsibilities within his administration. He already kicked out Vice Presidnet Leni Robredo for going against him, and other officials who had to resign by force of because they couldn't stomach anymore the ludicrous ways of this administration.

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