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PETA Urges Everyone Not to Eat Chickens: Relate to Chicken’s Fate. Try Vegan.

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"Go vegan! No taste in this world is worth the sufferings and deaths of living, breathing, sentient living ANIMALS. Everybody wants to live. Live and let be."
Everyone pipes up about abuse of pets (dogs and cats) but don't give a fuck about the chickens, cows, lambs, pigs, etc., that are slaughtered for meat every day? Bit hypocritical, right?

Well, animal rights activists from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were seen in Binondo, Manila urging the public to avoid eating chickens and opt to go vegetarian. As a form of protest, the PETA members confined themselves in a cage measuring one square meter. Signs around the cage read, “Relate to Chicken’s Fate. Try Vegan. PETA”.

In another country, some members of PETA in South Korea also protested in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) near the City Hall, in Seoul, South Korea. Last year, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk hit the streets of Mumbai to highlight an estimated one million gentle chickens are slaughtered to be eaten every four hours in India.

"Cows, chickens, and pigs are no different from human beings when it comes to feeling pain and fear and valuing their lives,” said Peta Director Elisa Allen. Despite what you think, chickens are not stupid. They may seem to have a reputation for being profoundly dumb, but in fact they are remarkably intelligent and may even be emphatic.

But there are also some scientific research that revealed plants also do not want to be eaten. So what do we eat then?

Since the dawn of mankind, our ancestors hunted animals for food. Biologicaly, Homo sapiens sapiens is an omnivore. Hence, you can not impose or force us to not eat what the nature has intended for us to eat. Would you support this movement?

Dahil year of the rooster, the plight of the chicken ang napag-isipan ng grupong ito? What about the rights of the pigs, sheeps, dogs, cows, and others. Ang dami pang mga rights na hindi napag-uukulan ng pansin sa atin na mas mahalaga pa sa chicken - the right to have a proper education, food on the table, a roof over our heads, equal treatment in the eyes of the law, right to have a decent jobs, etc. And if we free the chicken altogether what will be their purpose in this world if they are not for domestic consumption. What will be next - 'free the birds?'

Sa year of the pig baka ipaglaban nman nila na wag ng kumain ng baboy, sa year of the goat nman wag ng kainin ang kambing.. mas maganda prin para sa akin yung pagkain ng balanse lang at hayaan nlang ang taong mag decide kung ano ang gusto niya. Ano yan? Kapag year of the dragon, free the dragons din?? Huwag kayong ano!

Baboy dapat ang hindi kinakain, madumi kasi ang baboy puro cholesterol ang laman, minsan nga lang makakain ng manok pagbabawalan pa. As what my relatives say "bahalag makabayot mokaon kog chicken!"

More chickens are raised and killed for food than all other land animals combined, but if more people understood the complex nature of these interesting animals, they would probably hesitate before consuming their flesh or eggs.

They also say that chickens today are also not clean anymore. Some are injected with hormones to make it look bigger. It usually causes sickness to those who are fond of eating chicken. Eating right vegetables do also give you the same nutrition. So why do we risk ourselves with chicken meals?

Sabi siguro nila ay huwag kakain ng Chickenjoy, Mang Inasal, KFC, Max's, Bacolod Chicken, etc. Dapat sa harapan ng mga fast foods sila mag dramatize.

But most people have become vegetarian is not only because of compassion towards animals but also being health conscious or concerned with their health.

Nonsense! There'll be no more balance in nature when we don't eat chicken! Dadami lang sila ng dadami, at the end pag masyado na sila madami, papatayin din sila!

God created the chicken for human consumption and it's "finger lickin' good!" Studies have shown that plants react to herbivores like caterpillars, too. Meaning even plants don't want to be eaten. So paano na lang yan? Di na rin kakain ng gulay? "Love will keep us alive" na lang tayo ganon? Ayaw! Ayokong mabawasan ng halaman ang mundo dahil sila ang nagbibigay ng oxygen. Charot!

When you think you've heard it all. PETA said before that eating chicken will also give your children small penises. WTF?! So is that the reason why my....? Lol!
"No cow, pig, chicken or goat wants to be eaten! Pledge to go vegan to save animals from slaughter! "

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