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#LeniLeaks: Office of the Vice President Involved in Orchestrated Moves Against Duterte

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#LeniLeaks is a story about a traitor billionaire too busy plotting to #OustDuterte that she forgot to set their Yahoo Groups to private. Those Yahoo Group emails are damning. Medyo careless sila ano? Or talagang tanga lang? This is even worse than Clinton's. Who needs hackers when you got dumb billionaires who let their private messages flaunted in the internet.

The Office of the Vice President (OVP) of the Philippines is instructing people and "communities" what to say and how to attack certain people on Facebook and how to undermine the image of the President who won without any shadow of a doubt. Nothing organic about these attacks. They are part of a social media strategy crafted by the OVP.

So.... why is mainstream media still playing deaf about this issue huh?

Passing a fake cheque as real while denying the existence of a destabilization plot summarizes #Lenileaks. It is the product of a never-ending plan to disturb the Duterte government. It is done in bad faith to oust a President who was duly voted by 16 million Filipinos. Now we probably know why Duterte had to fire her. Malacanang already knew something we don't - until now.

South Korean President downfall somehow began with a tablet negligently left behind by Choi Soonsil. Now we have this. We should take note of the names: Loida Nicolas Lewis, Imelda Nicolas, Vicky Garchitorena, Ted Laguatan, Rodel Rodis, Mila Aguilar, and a few more.

The Loida Nicolas Lewis-inspired group of Filipino-American coup plotters met in San Francisco, California, USA with a get-together December 22, 2016 at the residence of Atty. Rodel Rodis in San Francisco, California which was attended by Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Inquirer columnist Randy David, Inquirer reporter Benjamin Pimentel, Greg Macabenta, Inquirer columnists Atty. Ted Laguatan and Atty. Rodel Rodis, who hosted the party.

It was also during this gathering that this group of coup plotters launched Filipino Americans for Human Rights Alliance (FAHRA), another lobby group in Loida Nicolas Lewis' campaign to oust democratically-elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

If Philippine mainstream media is just as fast in covering the #LeniLeaks like they did with the President's cursing and meddling issues, none as many will doubt the sincerity of media to really cover worthy news. But true enough, where there is smoke there is fire and mainstream media is ignoring the #Lenileaks scandal!

As expected, the mainstream media is silent about #LeniLeaks, just as how it was silent with many other issues that is not beneficial to their sponsors or people.

Leni Robredo could be a perfect example of a wolf hiding underneath a sheep's wool. You know who's destablizing the country? It may not be Duterte and his supporters, but also the power-hungry demons and their orcs of the other party. I wonder how the OVP is gonna spin #Lenileaks now! This is an edge-of-your seat, nail-biting thriller! I swear!

Anti-Duterte & Anti-Marcos people are resorting to throwing old issues to cover up the #LeniLeaks issue. Wala na bang ibang maibato, besh?

Of course, political parties have social media strategies. I am not surprised. I don't see anything wrong with organising protests against EJKs and the Marcos burial. We live in a democracy. But when mainstream media keeps quiet about it, that means something else. There is not a single report regarding #LeniLeaks from our media. Are they this slow? Or just plainly blind and impartial?

@lenirobredo what can you say about the #LeniLeaks of yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council or GFDC?

In this #LENILeaks saga, it has been revealed that it is the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines that has a well-orchestrated, well-organised, systematic propaganda machine to undermine a democratically elected President whose win is unassailable.

What is mainstream media doing about it? Media blackout? I am still waiting for that lone voice from the major networks and news organizations to break this story on #LeniLeaks.

May isang term sa journalism industry to refer to someone they think lowly of.

AC/DC. (Also known as Attack, collect. Defend, collect.)

Meaning, I will attack you, to stop it, you pay me. I will defend you, to continue it, you pay me.

Some journalists are veterans at this. Some journalists have allegedly accepted envelopes from personalities or groups na nagpapamudmod ng envelopes during press conferences nila, para dumugin sila at may mag-attend at maglabas ng kanilang mga kadramahan. Allegedly.

Make no mistakes--we still have some of the best, incorruptible journalists in the country, it's just a challenge now to look for them.

To all those who support reform, let's focus on these so called #LeniLeaks. The political elite don't have a monopoly on what's good & right.

With today's technology, people power is now on social media. With today's technology you can't hide anything. #LeniLeaks they should know better. Karma is a bitch they say.

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