Sunday, October 9, 2016

What Keeps Us Getting Even Despite All Odds

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Our founder has this habit of talking too much. Well. it's more like writing too much.

The reason why friends suggested he writes a blog was for him to have an appropriate place where he could easily post his lengthy tirades.

Thus the was born. It was originally named "Be Kind To Us Trolls" because he was like trolling and sharing his incessant opinions at several discussion threads or open forums.

When he met a well known e-Commerce advocate, she cautioned him with the negative implications of the blog title, so he eventually changed it to "Be Proud of Us Pinoys." He met her for the first time when he participated in her program recognizing top emerging blogs. He actually won in the same program the following year.

The first time he attended her event, he was still writing on his original blog, but then got an idea to apply as a writer for a community blog site When In Manila (WIM). He got in as a writer, and after 3 months of active contributions attending and writing about events for them, they already promoted him as Senior writer.

But after his six month stint with WIM, he decided to create another blog that would fit promotions of events and brands. It was originally intended to be a travel blog as Wazzup Pilipinas under the blogspot domain

This was because he lost interest of writing for WIM when "politically motivated" agendas began sprouting in orchestrated by members who couldn't accept that he was raking in more events and inviting correspondents to take part. That was when issues against him were exaggerated that led to him leaving them. But they insist they kicked him out first. Lol!

Since he has more event invites than travel opportunities, and he wanted to make it a community blog, he decided to open it as a lifestyle blog that accepts contributions from everyone (fellow bloggers, students professionals, etc.,), and to make it more decent, he bought a domain

The Wazzup Pilipinas blog got an overwhelming response, and it continued to be something to be proud of. Many would say it was too fast. He was even invited at an event to talk about how fast he was able to make it popular.

Though there was even another blog with an almost similar name, Wazzup Pilipinas remained steadfast of its objectives - to become a portal where everyone can share their stories. This other blog eventually tried to claim sole rights for the word Wazzup which this other blogger wants to use solely as his own. He tried to use his friendship with our founder as a reason for our founder to give way. Originally, this other blogger used WaZup as part of his blog name, but we have been using WaZZup ever since it started on the free blogspot domain.

Wazzup Pilipinas also had its ups and downs and share of controversial issues thrown at us by detractors and bashers (we can't please everybody), we still managed to survive until now. We are turning 4 years next March 2017 and we still could not believe our accomplishments in spite of our limited resources.

We were doing so good that even the blogging awards that were conferred to us were seen as fake or bought by envious online bullies who have so much time in their hands sending us hate messages. Until now no one has even proven any of their allegations.

With several accusations like gatecrashing, loot bagging, misrepresentation, etc., it's amazing how we are still actively present in the blogging community. It cannot be questioned that we have become a visible online presence.

When originally we used to reach out to brands, they now come to us on their own initiative. We keep encountering scheduling problems due to multiple events happening all at the same time. Due to very little manpower, we will miss out on attending most events. That is the struggle for a non-profit advocacy. Though we appreciate being compensated for campaigns, it was never our primary focus.

Why did we subtitled the blog as Ang Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas or translated in English as The National Blog of the Philippines? It was because the other intention was to serve as a medium were government agencies can send their announcements and press releases to help share their programs and projects for the benefit of the Filipino. Thus there are several agencies that we help disseminate their news.

But when some misguided individuals tried to represent themselves as our correspondents, we had to make the necessary steps to correct it. The original Facebook group similarly named as "Wazzup Pilipinas" was renamed as "Bloggers ng Pilipinas" so no none else can say they are officially part of Wazzup Pilipinas.

As of this writing,  we still keep getting reports of individuals posing as one of our representatives. It is so sad that some would go to that extent just to get into events for their freebies.

Surprisingly, we still get accused of gatecrashing - now that's something to really laugh about. We don't even have enough time for our other plans that we have to prioritize some and sacrifice others. There is practically no more room for such lowly acts.

But since we would not let our reputation get tarnished by despicable rumor mongerers who couldn't even present valid evidences, we will get even by countering their accusations with the truth supported by communication trails. We will get even by continuing to do our best, not for them, but for our followers.

We take pride in our achievements so no one should try to downgrade it and put us down just because it does not agree with their own standards.

The mere fact that we continue to be receiving hundreds of emails everyday, is proof enough that we are a preferred choice of PRs, brands and events organizers, who invite us to attend their events, collaborate or partner with them.

All their accusations, if without any documented proof, would remain hearsay or rumors.

We would like to thank all those who keep on supporting us, as well as those new ones who found us online or by referral from satisfied clients. We are nothing without your continued patronage of our site. 

Special mention goes to the thousands of daily readers who find useful information and news from us. We promise to continue improving our services.

We may not be as big as the other online publications backed up by big names and funding, but still we remain to among the influential sources of news and events.

Thank you, and remain well.

About "" is the fastest growing and most awarded blog and social media community that has transcended beyond online media. It has successfully collaborated with all forms of media namely print, radio and television making it the most diverse multimedia organization. The numerous collaborations with hundreds of brands and organizations as online media partner and brand ambassador makes a truly successful advocate of everything about the Philippines, and even more since its support extends further to even international organizations including startups and SMEs that have made our country their second home.

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